Public Art in Buffalo - OUTDOOR
on Buffalo Architecture and History

"Public Art" denotes any work of art which is designed for and sited in a space accessible to the general public, from a public square to a wall inside a building open to the public.

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"Affine Shells"

"American Doughboy"

"Balancing Act II"



"Birds Excited Into Flight"


Buffalo Head, Market Arcade



"Caryatid Figures, Eight"



"Christopher Columbus"

Civil War
"Coronation Day"


Eagle, terra cotta  


Elevator  B Beehive

"Energy Weave"

"First Pitch, The"

"French Connection"

"George Washington"

"Grover Cleveland"

"Homeless Jesus"

Jimmy Griffin

"Joseph Calasanctius"

"Lady Justice"

"Look and See"


"Millard Fillmore"

"Newspaper Reader"

"Old Bones"

"Oliver Hazard Perry"


"Pathways to Hope"

"People of Black Rock, The"



"Project 2XmT"

"Red Jacket"

"St. John"

"Shark Girl"

"Silent Poets"
"Spirit of Life Tree"

"Spirit of Transportation"

"Stainless Steel/ at Home Here"

"Statues of Liberty"

"Theodore Roosevelt"

"Three Graces Fountain"

"Tim Horton"

"Truth and Justice" 




"Walk Through"

Welch Memorial

"Young Abraham Lincoln"


Mural:  (1) a large picture painted or affixed directly on a wall or ceiling; (2) a greatly enlarged photograph attached directly to a wall.

"Art Park"

"Bailey Avenue"

"Beautiful Health Fphacze"

"Black Rock Geology"

"Black Rock Heritage Mural"


"Buffalo Buildings"

"Buffalo Caverns"

"Buffalo Map"

"Burmese God of Happiness"

Burmese West Side Residents mural

Butler-Mitchell Clubhouse

"Butterfly" mural



Chow Monstro


Colored Musicians Club

"Conservative Government"

Could B Wild

Diver and Sea Creatures


"Dragons," 521 Main St.

"Dream Keepers"

"1880s Bikes in Vines"
El Buen Amigo

"Erie Railroad Steam Locomotive"


"Fighting Peacock"


"From One Home to Another / De Un Hogar, A Otro" mural



"Flutterby Mural"

"Freedom Wall"


"Global Voices"


"Gold Wynn" mural

"Goo Goo Dolls"

"Green Kaleidoscope"

"Greetings From Buffalo, New York"

"Hard Work Works Hard"

Hatimy Market

"Hertel Postcard"

"Higher Learning"

"Historic Clarence"

"Homeland, Perhaps It is Because I Wish to See You Fly"

"Hold Your Fire"

"Houk Manufacturing Company"

Ink Assassins

"Jerry Garcia"

"Larkin Then & Now"

Latin Gallery Poetry Wall

"Lookin' Good"

Lucky's Wireless


"Lip Service"


"Magic Buffalo, 2017"

"Mark Twain and John Lewis"

"Metamorphosis #5"

"Michigan Street Lift Bridge"

"NAPA Auto Parts"

New Skateland Arena Murals



"Nikola Tesla Mural"

“No Dress Rehearsal. This Is Our Life”

"Noodle in the Northern Lights"

"Old First Ward, The"

Old Pink

"On Women's Recipes"


"Our Colors Make Us Beautiful"

Picasso in Buffalo

"Protector of Dreams (Lion)"

"Protector of Dreams (Pyramids)"

Providence Social


"Ray of Light"

River Front Auto Sales

Riviera Theatre

"Roberto Clemente"

"Service in Motion"

"72 Jewett"

"Sinclair, The"

Talking Leaves murals


"Tower of Power"

"Tribute to  Spain Rodriguez"

"Two Waterfronts"

Urban Cuts

"Vision of Olmsted"


"Walking Back Time"

"War of 1812"

"We Are..."

"We Are Here"


"Welcome to Eggertsville"

"Wildflowers for Buffalo"

"Woman and Child"

"Work and Play"

"The Worker"

"Yellow Bird"

"Yellow Dog"

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A-K Public Art
Alabama St
Community Steel Building
"The Old First Ward" mural
Vinnie Alejandro and Yames (pron. YAH mes)

Allen St. 172 HHL Architects
"Buffalo Buildings" Christopher Guerra

Allen St.
Allen Street Bar And Grill (The Old Pink)

Allen St.
Glow Gallery
"Hold Your Fire"; "Voyage" mural
Chuck Tingley
Allen St. 233
Holly Farms Market
"Tribute to  Spain Rodriguez" mural
Ian De Beer, et. al.

Allen St. 245
Allen Street Hardware Cafe
Several murals
David Chino,
Patrick Gallo,
Chow Monstro,
Max Collins,
Meg Corcoran
Nicholas Delfino

Allen St.
"Nietzsche's sign"
"Girl" mural
"Nietzsche" mural

Frederick Seaton
Yames (pron. YAH mes)

Amherst and Tonawanda Sts.

Black Rock Heritage Trail
"War of 1812" mural
Cynthia Van Ens,
Doreen De Both,
J. Tim Raymond,
Russell Mott,
Jerome A. Mach

Amherst St. at Niagara St.

"We Are..." Chris Piontkowski

Amherst St.
Lucy Ethiopian Cuisine
"Black Rock Geology"
Conceptualized by Marissa, Lehner, and Marcus L. Wise

Amherst St 464
464 Gallery
Garage Door Face mural
Chuck Tingley
Art Park "Art Park" mural
Chuck Tingley
Bailey Avenue 3133
"Protector of Dreams (Lion" Team Wire Lazer,
Edreys Wajed

Bailey Avenue 3148 Rental Center
"Protector of Dreams (Pyramids)"
Team Wire Lazer,
Edreys Wajed

Bailey Avenue 3162

"Bailey Avenue"

Best Street, between Masten St. and Jefferson
Masten Park Masten Park Murals

Bidwell Pkwy. -

“Birds Excited Into Flight” Larry Griffis

Brayton St. 44

Five points Bakery

"Balancing Act II" Aakash Nihalani A-K Public Art
Broadway 145
Colored Musicians Club

Broadway 1131 Endeavor Health Services
"Our Colors Make Us Beautiful" Muhammad Zaman


"Shark Girl"
Casey Riordan Millard
A-K Public Art
Canalside -

"Silent Poets"
Jaume Plensa
A-K Public Art
Canalside -

"Tim Horton"
Jerry McKenna
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
"Pathways to Hope" Ellen Steinfeld
Carlton 87 Roswell Park Cancer Institute "Walk Through" Beverly Pepper
A-K Public Art
Chandler Street

155 Chandler Street" mural
Chuck Tingley
Colonial Circle  
General Bidwell Monument
Saul Swarz

Columbus Park

"Christopher Columbus"

Connecticut Street
Connecticut Street Armory
"American Doughboy" John Paulding

Connecticut Street 365
Bella Tootsie

Court Street 17 Buffalo Industrial Bank Exterior murals

Court Street
Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building
Bronze and terra cotta

Delaware Avenue

"Truth and Justice"
Michael B. Hamby

Delaware Avenue
Vars Building
Facade ornamentation

Delaware Avenue 389
Christ Chapel
Celtic Cross

Delaware Avenue 401
Colonial Apartments
"Gold Wynn" mural Michael Biondo

Delaware Ave. 471
Dr. Ernest Wende House "Resting Lion" mural
Frank Cravotta

Delaware Ave. 478

"Tiger" mural Nympha "Averie" Montagu
Delaware Avenue 484
S. Douglas Cornell House
"Lady Justice"

Delaware Avenue 641
Theodore Roosevelt  Inaugural Site
"Theodore Roosevelt"

Delaware Avenue 724
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Celtic Cross

Delaware Avenue 1411
 Forest Lawn Cemetery

Delaware Park

Bridge of the Three Americas

Delaware Park

Michelangelo's David

Delaware Park

"Young Abraham Lincoln"
Bryant Baker

East Ferry Street
New Skateland Arena New Skateland Arena murals
Chuck Tingley
East Huron Street
Waldorf Lunch
"5 East Huron Street"
Logan Hicks

Eggert Road

"Welcome to Eggertsville" Chris Piontkowski

Ellicott St.
Erie Community College / Old Post Office
4 animals

Ellicott St. 461
Washington Market
"Greetings From Buffalo, New York" Casey William Milbrand

Ellicott St. at Best St.

Pilgrim Village
Marilyn Dolle

Elmwood Avenue 41

Could B Wild Promotions murals
Yames (pron. YAH mes),
Buffalo Tom Holt

Elmwood Avenue 114
El Buen Amigo El Buen Amigo mural

Elmwood Avenue 124
Elmwood Village Charter School Elmwood Village Charter School mural

Elmwood Avenue
463 Hodge Wine & Liquor "Butterfly" mural
Nicole Cherry

Elmwood Avenue 597
Traffic Signal Box "Be the Change You Wish to See"

Elmwood Avenue 643
Traffic Signal Box "Friendly Monster" mural

Elmwood Avenue 712
"Lip Service" David Mitchell

Elmwood Avenue 727
Traffic Signal Box "Face"
"Nikola Tesla Mural"

Elmwood Avenue 732
"Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial"
Max Collins
Elmwood Avenue 735
Visual Eyes
"Yellow Dog"  Eric Luplow

Elmwood Avenue 795
The Tree House "AaBbCcDdEeFf" mural

Elmwood Avenue 831 Revolver Records "Garden Walk" mural
Cassandra Ott

Elmwood Avenue 938 Jim's Steakout "Feast" mural
Bruce Adams and
Augustina Droze

Elmwood Avenue 1028 X-Cell Wireless
REMOVED August 2014

Elmwood Avenue 1086 Parkway Haircutting "The Buffalo News: Now and Then" mural

Elmwood Avenue 1088 Half & Half Trading Co. "Artvoice" mural

Elmwood Avenue 1137 Traffic Signal Box "Buffalo Skyline"

Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Pizarro" 
Charles Cary Rumsey

Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Laura"
Jaume Plensa

Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Karma"
Do Ho Suh

Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Stainless Steel ... at Home Here"
Nancy Rubins
Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Zig-Zag" Beverly Pepper
Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery  "Underlife"
Jason Middlebrook
Elmwood Avenue 1285
Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Four Chances"
Kenneth Snelson

Elmwood Avenue 1285
Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Eight Caryatid Figures"
Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Elmwood Avenue 1285 Albright-Knox Art Gallery "Art"

Robert Indiana

Elmwood Avenue 1300
Buffalo State College
"Joseph Calasanctius"
Jozef Slawinski

Elmwood Avenue 1500 McKinley High School "The Vision of Olmsted" mural
Augustina Droze
Erie Basin Marina

"Old Bones"
Carley Hill

Ferry Street

Ferry Street Corridor Project murals

Fillmore Avenue
Polish Cooperative Savings and Loan Association
"Work and Play" Otecki
A-K Public Art
Forest Avenue
400 Richardson-Olmsted Complex
"Look and See" Jim Hodges
A-K Public Art
Forest Lawn Cemetery

"Three Graces Fountain"
Charles Cary Rumsey

Franklin St. 92
Old County Hall
Four Goddesses
Giovanni F. Sala

Franklin St. 92
Old County Hall "George Washington"
Joseph Turkalj

Front Park

"Oliver Hazard Perry"
Charles H. Niehaus

Grant Street 133
Shakti Yoga
"Ganesha" mural
Ian de Beer,
Liz Ives

Grant Street 185 Lorigo's Meating Place "Global Voices" mural Augustina Droze
Grant Street 205
Westside Stories Used Books "Flutist" mural
Max Collins
Grant Street 220
Sweet_Ness 7 Café "Burmese God of Happiness";
"Prish Moran Portrait";
"Louise Sano Portrait"
Prish Moran,
Max Collins

Grant Street 257
Sweet Sound of Music
"In Memory of Solomon De Jesus"

Grant Street 271
PUSH mural

Grant Street 278
Hatimy Market
Hatimy Market mural

Grant Street 280
Lucky's Wireless
Lucky's Wireless mural

Grant Street 429
Ink Assassins
Ink Assassins mural

Grant Street 472
Grant International Enterprises
Grant International Enterprises

Grant Street 593
Urban Cuts
Urban Cuts mural

Grote Street
Houk Lofts "Houk Manufacturing Company" mural

Hertel Alley -
Hertel Walls / Hertel Alley Gallery Vinny Alejandro,
Chuck Tingley,
Nicole Cherry,
Chris Piontkowski,
Tom Holt,
Mark Madden,
et. al.

Hertel Ave.
Paul Massaro's Absolute Tattoo
"Dragon" mural

Hertel Ave. 1127
The Garage Cafe & Lounge "Car" mural
Nicole Cherry

Hertel Ave. 1212
Caruso's Deli & Grocery
"Goo Go Dolls" mural
Philip Burke

Hertel Ave. 1260

"We Are Here" mural White Bicycle
A-K Public Art
Hertel Ave. 1188 People, Inc.
"Mark Twain and John Lewis" mural

Kobra A-K Public Art
Hertel Ave. 1297
"Buffalo Map" mural
Mario Zucca
Hertel Ave. 1322 Joe's Deli "Magic Buffalo, 2017" Bunnie Reiss A-K Public Art
Hertel Ave. 1472
Craving Restaurant
"Lookin' Good" mural
Casey William Milbrand

Hertel Ave. 1503
Purrfect Cafe and Gallery
"Weego" mural
Matt Grote (Ogre) 
Chuck Tingley
A-K Public Art
Hertel Ave.
The New Age Salon
"Woman and Child" mural
Rory Allen, of Zoom Copy
Hertel Ave. 1673
Hertel Liquor Library
“No Dress Rehearsal. This Is Our Life” Rory Allen, of Zoom Copy

Hertel Ave. 1787 Salon of Essence
"Hertel Postcard"
Vinny Alejandro

High St. 85
Medical Campus
"Spirit of Life Tree"
Valeria Cray-Dihaan

High St.
MiGo Parking Garage
"Nexus" mural
"Beautiful Health Fphacze" mural
William Y. Cooper, J. Cooper, III, Jennifer Fuentes

Humboldt Parkway 1020
Buffalo Museum of Science

Jewett Parkway 45
Tri-Main Center
"Tower of Power" Nicholas Conrad Miller,
Christopher Kameck

Jewett Parkway
Koch Metal Spinning Co.
"72 Jewett" mural Daniel Galas
A-K Public Art
Lafayette Square   Soldiers & Sailors Monument Civil War Memorial
Caspar Buberl
Lafayette Square 1

"Buffalo Caverns" Tape Art
A-K Public Art
Lawn Avenue
Traffic Signal Box
"Bird Listenting to Music" mural

Lincoln Parkway   Delaware Park "Young Abraham Lincoln" Bryant Baker
M&T Plaza
M&T Bank
Harry Bertoia

Main St.
Barnes & Hengerer Building
Terra cotta panels

Main St. 295
Ellicott Square Building

Main St. and S. Division St.

Ellicott Square Building General Kazimier Pulaski
Kazimierz Danilewicz

Main Street and North Division Street

"Bison" Cecilia Evans Taylor

Main St.
Barnes & Hengerer Building
"Hard Work Works Hard" mural

Main St. 403
Brisbane Building
Door surround

Main St. 424
Liberty Bank Building
"Statues of Liberty"

Main St.
Martial Arts Academy
"Conservative Government" mural
Picasso in Buffalo mural
Chow Monstro

Main St.
Main Street Studios
"Freestyle Faces of Main Street"
Diver and Sea Creatures
Matthew Grote
Max Collins
Chuck Tingley

Main St. 521 Misuta Chow's
Taka Sudo
Main St. 617
Market Arcade

Main St. 681 Town Ballroom
Felipe Pantone
A-K Public Art
Main St.
710 Theatre
"Noodle in the Northern Lights" Jessie and Katey
A-K Public Art
Main St. 785
Courier Express Building

Main St.
Metro Rail Station: Allen/Medical Campus Station - REMOVED
Latin Gallery Poetry Wall mural 
(enamel/steel tiles)
Donna Loviero
William Jobling

Main St. 1001
Conventus Building
"Affine Shells" Christopher Romano, Nicholas Bruscia

Main St. 1145
Summer/Best Metro Rail Station
George Sugarman

Main St. 1219
Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology "Dream Keepers" mural
Alice Mizrachi'
A-K Public Art
Main St. 1325
Packard Motor Car Showroom Service Building

Main St. 1391
Utica Metro Rail Station
George Smith

Main St. 665
Mid-City Apartments
"Metamorphosis #5" Tavar Zawacki
A-K Public Art
Main St. 1853
Delavan Metro Rail Station Sculpture Sam Gilliam

Main St. 2303  Burgio's TV
"Green Kaleidoscope" Augustina Droze A-K Public Art
Main St. 2646
Amherst Street Metro Rail Station
Sculpture Robert Lobe

Main St.
Doctor Birds Caribbean Rasta-rant
"Jesus" mural

Main St. 3108
WNY INdependent Living, Inc.
"Buffalo" mural

Main St.
Talking Leaves
Talking Leaves murals
"Higher Learning"
Vinny Alejandro
Main St.
Iconz Hair Design
"Yellow Bird"

Main St. -
People's Park
Untitled sculpture
Isabelle Pelissier

Main St. 3383
University Metro Rail Station Vertical Presence-Grass Dunes Beverly Pepper

Main St. 10641
The Hollow Bistro & Brew
"Historic Clarence" mural Augustina Droze
Market Square Park
"People of Black Rock, The" Justin Dahl

Market Square Park -
"We Are..." Chris Piontkowski
Massachusetts Avenue

Clock mural

Massachusetts Avenue 370
Butler-Mitchell Clubhouse Butler-Mitchell Clubhouse mural

Massachusetts Avenue 417
Westside Value Laundromat Burmese West Side Residents mural
"Fighting Peacock" mural
Max Collins
Nick Miller

Masten Park
Masten Park "Ray of Light" Augustina Droze
Megan McElf

M&T Plaza
M&T Bank
Harry Bertoia

Michigan Avenue
NAPA Auto Parts "NAPA Auto Parts" mural
Museum Court
Buffalo History Museum

Niagara Square 50 City Court Building, facing Niagara Square "Coronation Day" Kenneth Snelson
Niagara Square - McKinley Monument Animals A. Phimister Proctor
Niagara Square 65 City Hall "Grover Cleveland"
"Millard Fillmore"

 Bryant Baker

Niagara Street 448
Mangione Hardware
"From One Home to Another / De Un Hogar, A Otro" mural Tricia Butski and
Patrick Foran

Niagara Street
"Roberto Clemente" mural
Max Collins

Niagara Street 585
Jackson Tax Service
"Homeland, Perhaps It is Because I Wish to See You Fly" Betsy Casañas A-K Public Art
Niagara Street 1200
Rich Products
"Newspaper Reader" J. Seward Johnson Jr,

Niagara Street 1315


Niagara Street 1330 Wheelworks
"1880s Bikes in Vines" Nicole Cherry

Niagara Street 1379
River Front Auto Sales

Niagara Street 1875
"We Are..." Chris Piontkowski
North Street
Tony Sisti Park

 Duayne Hatchett

Nottingham Terrace 25 Buffalo History Museum

Ohio Street
Rigidized Metals Corp. - Sculptures
"Project 2XmT"

"Energy Weave"


Chris Romano and Nick Bruscia

Larry Grioffis III

Pearl St.
St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
"Homeless Jesus" Tim Schmalz

Perry Street
Buffalo Sabres Arena
"French Connection"
Gerry McKenna

Perry St. 79
Hi-Temp Building "Michigan Street Lift Bridge" mural
Carly Hill
Perry St. 95

"Go!" mural
Bruce Adams 
Augustina Droze

Porter Avenue, foot of
La Salle Park
Centennial Pool mural

Rees Street
Asarese-Matters Gardens "On Women's Recipes" mural
Beatriz Flores
Sonia Malfa

Republic St. at 65 Vandalia
Barrel Factory "Erie Railroad Steam Locomotive" mural
Chris Kameck
Republic St. at Alabama St.

"The Old First Ward" mural
Vinnie Alejandro 

Republic St., between Tennessee and Kentucky
Brocks Frozen Vegetable Building "The Worker" mural
Nick Miller, Chris Kameck, Nicole Cherry
Review Place 25 AMVETS Medallion Post #13 "Service in Motion" Vinnie Alejandro 
Rhode Island Street 490
Providence Social
Blair Rudin

Seneca Street 725
Larkin Filling Station "Larkin Then & Now" mural
Christopher Kameck,
Max Collins

Seymour Knox III Plaza 1
Buffalo Sabres Alumni Plaza Mural

Silo City Row

Silo City
Elevator  B Beehive

Skillen St. 35

"Memories of the Old Country" murals

S. Elmwood Ave.

Brigadier General Samuel Manning Welch Memorial

Eugene Morahan

South Park Avenue 581

Flowers mural Nicole Cherry
Summer Street
257 1/2

"Flutterby Mural"
Chuck Tingley
Swan Street 149
Apartments at the Hub
"Spirit of Transportation" Sarah Fonzi

Symphony Circle

Kleinhans Music Hall
Joseph Mazur
Antonio Ugo, A. Decianno

Tonawanda at Amherst St.

Black Rock Heritage Trail "War of 1812" mural Cynthia Van Ens,
Doreen De Both,
J. Tim Raymond,
Russell Mott,
Jerome A. Mach

Union Street, HAMBURG
Alchemy Wine Bar
"Alchemy" Chuck Tingley
Veterans Park

War Memorials

Virgil Street at Hertel 16
Virgil Street Tabacconist "Jerry Garcia" mural
C. Gallagher
Walden Avenue
St. Luke's Mission of Mercy
Frieze and panels

Washington Street
Harbor Center
"Two Waterfronts" mural
Thomas Paul Asklar,
Matthew Sinclair Conroy

Washington Street 275
Bisons Stadium
"The First Pitch"
William Koch

Washington Street 391
Lafayette Hotel
Pan-American Grill & Brewery mural

Washington Street 465
Sinclair Apts.
"The Sinclair" mural
"Wildflowers for Buffalo"
Louise “Ouizi” Jones
A-K Public Art
Washington Street 517
Impulse Lounge Chow Monstro mural   - REMOVED
Chow Monstro
Webster Street, NORTH TONAWANDA 57
Riviera Theatre Riviera Theatre mural

West Chippewa Street 58
Calumet Building "Bacchus Wine Bar Restaurant" mural

West Ferry Street 296
Albert's Family Restaurant Marketplace murals

West Ferry & Michigan
Wall of NFTA’s Cold Spring Bus Maintenance Depot
Freedom Wall John Baker
Julia  Bottoms-Douglas
Chuck Tingley
Edreys Wajed
A-K Public Art
Wilkeson Pointe -

Four kinetic wind sculptures

In larger cities, street art has become an assertive, unavoidable part of urban life. But in Buffalo, where authorities have tended to treat artistic expression anywhere other than gallery walls with suspicion if not outright hostility, it's just beginning to assume a more recognizable role.

- Colin Dabkowski, City Streets Are Their Canvas, The Buffalo News (online May 2014)
As Buffalonians, our expectations are often far too low. Yes, we should celebrate the new murals and the even newer signal box paintings. We should also demand that some long overdue municipal attention be paid to a new plan for public art.

- Elizabeth Licata, Buffalo Days: More dimensions for Public Art,   Buffalo Spree (online June 2014)
Artists from the Community Canvases project have been busy painting their way across town. Last summer the group left its mark on Elmwood Avenue, and this summer the artists are heading to North Buffalo to tackle Hertel Avenue. In their wake, they leave behind myriad colorful markers – signals that say the community is alive with art.

By taking drab and dreary utilitarian objects and funkifying them, Community Canvases hopes to inspire people to look at their neighborhoods a little differently. What was once a blank steel utility box becomes a blank canvas. That canvas becomes whatever the artist imagines.

- Community Canvases Heads to Hertel,  pub. on Buffalo Rising on June 10, 2014
Q.: What are your thoughts on graffiti and street art? Have your murals ever been vandalized? Do you think that there is a place for graffiti and street art in the realm of public art?

A.: I recognize the value of all forms of artistic expression, however I have mixed views on graffiti. When used as a standalone piece not meant to deface or vandalize an existing work of art or structure, I believe it can be very beautiful. However, I had a minor experience where one of my murals was vandalized which was very upsetting. To prevent this I commonly use anti-graffiti coating on my murals.

Art photo project initiated by Eugene Cunningham
Special thanks to Ann Palmer for her assistance.

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