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Rory Allen/Zoom Copy

Rory Allen and Philip Burke
Goo Goo Dolls mural

Rory, who owns Zoom Copy in Buffalo, says that it took a mere 22 minutes to hang the custom mural [ 1900 Labor Day Parade], using printed segments that are temporarily self adhered to the wall. The image can remain permanently or be taken down when desired. - Buffalo Rising (online October 2022)

“One of my goals has been to allow a regular format artist to participate in the mural scene,” said Rory. “We digitize the work back at Zoom Copy, and then print it, and then apply it to the wall.  I asked Rory about the longevity of the mural, and he said that he guarantees it to last for 5 years, but 3M (the manufacturer of the material) guarantees 11 years. “I believe that it lasts longer than paint, and it can be removed without a trace,” said Rory. - Buffalo Rising (online October 2022)

Zoom Copy Murals:

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