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Lake Queen and Her Winter Disco mural

Owen B. Augspurger Parking Ramp, 233 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY

Artist: Casey Milbrand

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Ramp  before mural / Artist's conception of the mural

WORK IN PROGRESS: August 9, 2023 photos

Buffalo Rising, September 6, 2022

Buffalo Rising, August 7, 2023

Owen B. Augspurger Parking Ramp

Artist's conception
Photo source:  
Buffalo Rising, September 6, 2023

Photos taken August 9, 2023

Casey Milbrand

Finished section as of August 9, 2023                 Details below:

"A bold fire engine red heel  breaks through the ice of the canopy over the entrance to the parking garage."
"Underneath the high heel is a doorway that is a perfect place for a photo opportunity."

"The word 'The'  appears to be breaking apart like the ice of the lake."

"A lightning bolt strikes the letter Q which is inspired by the City of Buffalo flag (City Hall center bay)."

"The letter U is inspired by stained glass windows seen in  Buffalo homes. The lake Queen's tears fall into the letter 'U' which represents the bulbs the Queen has frozen for the winter.  The bulbs push up through the letter 'U' and are just about to emerge through the frozen ground."

"The Lake Queen's colorful heart-shaped face emerge from  the letters 'EE.' With reflections of her spring bulbs in her eyes, she keeps looking towards her crown"

Partial reprint

Partial reprint

Buffalo Rising, August 7, 2023

Color photos and their arrangement 2023 Chuck LaChiusa
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