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Sinclair, Rooney & Co. Building / Sinclair Mural
AKA Remington Rand Building; Sperry-Rand Building
465 Washington Street
, Buffalo, NY

Date built:
1909-1911 (1930?)
Esenwein & Johnson
Commercial/Chicago style
2016 developer:
Ciminelli Real Estate Corp.
2015 architect:
Chaintreuil | Jensen | Stark Architects (CJS)
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John Sinclair House
Draft - National Register of Historic Places Nomination
Excerpt  - National Register of Historic Places Nomination:  
Ciminelli released a rendering for their plan to convert the old EOC (Educational Opportunity Center) Building at 465 Washington to multi-use. The developer confirmed their intention to convert the first floor for retail and office use, while using the floors above for 45 apartments.

The 86,254 sq.ft. redevelopment is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2016 at a cost of approximately $10 million.

- Bruce Haydon, First Look: 465 Washington. Pub on Buffalo Rising  March 10, 2015
Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation is pleased to introduce The Sinclair, our most recent residential, mixed-use development project. The Sinclair is a significant icon representing the commerce at the turn of the Century; it was home to the Sinclair Rooney & Co., a wholesale milliner, and Remington-Rand Corporation, a typewriter manufacturer.

Constructed in 1909, it was one of several buildings designed for light-industrial work in this part of downtown Buffalo, including other wholesale milliners (hat manufacturers) located nearby. Sinclair Rooney located its offices, showroom, and workspace in the building as they led the wholesale millinery industry in Buffalo, and was one of several wholesale milliners to locate on Washington Street during a period in which this area of downtown Buffalo transitioned to commercial and light industrial uses.

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