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Welcome to South Buffalo mural
2277 South Park Avenue, Buffalo, NY


By Vinny Alejandro

August 2020 photos

Street artist Vinny Alejandro (Urban Inspirations) is managing to stay busy in Buffalo. When he’s not organizing mural events and festivals, he’s busy leaving his version of painted postcards around town.

The latest “postcard style” mural was commissioned by the building’s owner – the family of Dunkle and Sons roofing. Dawn Dunkle and Alejandro collaborated on the design over the winter, because the building was scheduled to be remodeled, and they wanted to add a splash of color and neighborhood pride, which is exactly what they got.

- Queenseyes,  Buffalo Rising, June 24, 2019 (online August 2020)

Note artist's signature in lower right corner, detailed below:

"S": Irish flag shape and colors

"OUT / FFA"   ...   "U": Trocaire College   ...   "FF": Cazenovia Park Casino   ...   "A": Grain elevator

"TH / ALO"   ...   "TH": 2277 South Park   ...   "LO":  Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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