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Peace Wall mural
441 Fillmore Avenue at Memorial Drive, Buffalo NY 14212

By Jeremy Miklas of Vivid Buffalo

Partial reprint

Peace Wall pops up on the East Side
By Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising, October 21, 2020

Artist Jeremy Miklas of Vivid Buffalo has painted a mural that is considered a “peace sign of the times.”

I’ve talked to Miklas numerous times about his ongoing efforts to contribute to the Buffalo art movement. Not only has he been involved with organizing paint nights, art pop-ups, and figure drawing classes, he’s also been scouring the city for a perfect wall to paint his latest creation – the Peace Wall.

The Peace Wall features the likenesses of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. It was commissioned by the owner of Alibaba-Kebab (an awesome Halal eatery) – the mural is located on the restaurant’s prep kitchen building at 441 Fillmore Avenue, at Memorial Drive, not far from the Central Terminal.

October 2020 Photos

Note Alibaba-Kebab restaurant at right across the street

Mural details below:

Artist Jeremy Miklas of Vivid Buffalo

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck  LaChiusa
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