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Chow Monstro Mural
517 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY

"It's tough to miss the work of Chow Monstro, one of Buffalo's more recognizable street artists. His trademark symbol – a skull with Mickey Mouse ears, often dripping black paint – has been popping up on buildings downtown and in Allentown for the past several years. Monstro's wheat-pastes and stickers can be found on gritty stretches of Allen Street, as well as on a wall that's slowly becoming a target for street artists on Exchange Street. One particularly striking example is on the south side of the former Club Diablo at 517 Washington St." - Colin Dabkowski, City Streets are Their Canvas. Pub. in The Buffalo News on May 19, 2013

See also: Chow Monstro's  "Conservative Government" at 505 Main Street.

For photo and interview of Chow Monstro, see Buffalo Foodies: Johny Chow (Stone Sour, Chow Monstro) (online Sept. 2014)

Note mural on upper side wall (shown below:)

By Chow Monstro ... A skull with Mickey Mouse ears

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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