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"Homeless Jesus"
St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
139 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY

Sculptor:  Tim Schmalz


“Homeless Jesus” Gets a New Home in Buffalo
By Al Vaughters
 March 31, 2015
WIVB  Online April 2015

It has been turned away by cities around the world, such as Paris, but the life-size sculpture “Homeless Jesus” was welcomed to its new home Tuesday afternoon at Cathedral Park in downtown Buffalo.

Rev. R. William Franklin, the bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Western New York unveiled the controversial sculpture at the park which is adjacent to St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral, at Main and Church Streets.

“Homeless Jesus” has been offered at other sites around the world and Canadian sculptor Tim Schmalz, who created the piece depicting a shrouded Jesus lying on a park bench, said it has been rejected by many churches, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and a church in London, but it has also been accepted in other places.

A 5 ft. model of the sculpture was blessed by Pope Francis ...

Tim Schmalz offered the bronze sculpture as a gift to the City of Buffalo, and “Homeless Jesus” will remain in Cathedral Park as a reminder that the homeless are among us.


“Homeless Jesus” Finds a Home in Buffalo
By Queenseyes
 March 30, 2015
Buffalo Rising  Online April 2015

The statue of Homeless Jesus (Jesus the Homeless) is meant to make people aware of the plight of the homeless, by first believing that the statue is real, before eventually discovering that it is a bronze sculpture, and then finally coming to grips with the significance of the experience.

From the start, the statue has been both praised and criticized. There are those who like the artistic medium for the message, while others feel that it’s blasphemy to leave “Jesus”, looking like a homeless beggar, out in the damp and cold.

According to the BBC, it was an anonymous Episcopalian benefactor who donated the money so that the statue could be created, and then find homes in large cities throughout the world. At the time, that meant that twelve statues could be commissioned.

2015 Photos

Bronze, including the bench


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