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Buffalo Renaissance mural

Jefferson at Woodlawn Avenues, Buffalo, NY

August 2020 Photos

Aretha Franklin, by Ari Moore   ...   Grover Washington, by James Cooper III   ...     Rick James, by John Baker   ...  Dyke and the Blazers,
by Kobie Baber

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin
"Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1942.  In 1944, she moved with her family to Western New York.  According to the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, her father, was pastor of Friendship Baptist Church,  The Franklin family moved to Detroit in 1948, but she and her mother soon moved back to Buffalo after her parents split up.  The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame says Aretha was a, "regular visitor back to Buffalo, spending summers, until her mother, who worked at Buffalo General Hospital, died of a heart attack." Aretha's mother is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.  In 1967, Franklin signed to Atlantic Records and launched many number one songs, including a cover of Otis Redding's 'Respect,' which became her signature song." -  "Aretha Franklin: Singer's ties to WNY run deep," WKBW, Aug 13, 2018 (online August 2020)      ...    Three details below:

Aretha Franklin - detail

Aretha Franklin - detail

Aretha Franklin - detail   ...   Artist's signature: ARI: Ari Moore

Grover Washington

Source:  Western New York Entertainment Hall of Fame, located in Shea's Buffalo Center for the Performing Arts

"Born in Buffalo, Washington was introduced to music by his saxophone-playing father. He joined his first band--The Four Clefs--as a teenager in 1959.

"Grover Washington Jr., the jazz saxophonist who was among the first young musicians to burst onto the jazz-funk scene.
His career highlights included playing at President Clinton's 50th birthday celebration at Radio City Music Hall in 1996.   After signing with Elektra, Washington put out his most successful piece. "Winelight" made it to No. 5 on U.S. record charts. The album, which featured vocals by Bill Withers on the song "Just the Two of Us," reached the No. 2 position on the nation's charts in 1981.

"[died tonight] He was 56.
  Washington collapsed after taping a performance for CBS's "The Saturday Early Show." He played four songs that were to run on the morning program.
He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, hospital officials said." - Washington Post, Dec. 18, 1999

Grover Washington - detail

Grover Washington - detail

Grover Washington - detail

Grover Washington - detail   ...   Artist's signature:  James Cooper III
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Rick James
By John Baker

"Musician and singer James Ambrose Johnson, Jr., better known as Rick James, was born on February 1, 1948, in Buffalo, New York. The third of eight children, Rick James was raised in a strict Catholic household by his single mother. With music in his blood (his uncle was Melvin Franklin, bass vocalist of The Temptations), James pursued a music career from an early age, fleeing the U.S. Naval Reserve to Toronto, Ontario, in 1964.  His biggest hit, the Grammy-nominated "Super Freak." By the early 1990s, James' cocaine use was spinning out of control. After being convicted of assaulting two women, he spent two years in prison and paid $2 million in a civil suit. After his release in 1995, he attempted a comeback but suffered a mild stroke in 1997 that ended his career. Rick James died after suffering pulmonary and cardiac failure at his home in Burbank, California, on August 6, 2004." - Biography     ...   Three details below:

Rick James - detail

Rick James - detail

Rick James - detail   ...   By John Baker

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Dyke and the Blazers

"Dyke and the Blazers was an American funk band led by Arlester Christian (June 13, 1943 – March 13, 1971). 9). Arlester Christian, nicknamed "Dyke", was born (according to most sources) in Buffalo, New York. He attended Burgard High School.

 "The band was formed in 1965, and recorded up until Christian's death. Among their most successful records were the original version of "Funky Broadway" (1966) and "Let a Woman Be a Woman" (1969)  -

Dyke and the Blazers - detail   ...   "Dyke" Christian

Dyke and the Blazers - detail

Dyke and the Blazers - detail   ...   Artist's siganture: Kobie Baber

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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