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Metro Rail Stations:  Light Rail Rapid Transit System
Allen/Medical Campus Station
(Originally named Allen-Hospital Station)

929 Main Street, at Allen Street, Buffalo NY
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Art captions  taken from the "Buffalo Art in Transit" brochure published by NFTA in 1979

Main Street Facade
2012 photos

Passageway between Main Street and  Ellicott Street includes the Latin Gallery poetry panel on the right wall

The Latin Gallery poetry wall: Buffalo poets Alberto Cappas, Juan Gonzalez, and Olga Mendell collaborated with artists Donna Loviero and William Jobling to produce a poetry wall in brightly colored tile. Colored enamel fused to steel tiles.

Latin Gallery

Latin Gallery

Statue of David in Delaware Park

Ellicott Street Facade
2012 photos

Latin Gallery poetry wall is located on the left hand wall across from the entrance

2012 photos

Sculpture collage by Richard Friedberg, New York City. This sculpture collage projects above the viewer suspended in negative and positive space. Non-objective forms of varying shapes are playfully rendered in springtime colors.  Painted aluminum and steel.

Sculpture collage by Richard Friedberg

Detail - Sculpture collage by Richard Friedberg

Photography and fiberglass mural by Charles Clough, Buffalo native, now of NYC.
Clough transformed a Charles Burchfield reproduction with overlays of his own visual interpretation, many drawn from rural scenes in southern Erie County.

Detail - Mural by Charles Clough

Detail - Mural by Charles Clough

November 2016 photo

Special thanks to NFTA Director of Public Affairs C. Douglas Hartmayer for his cooperation and to Thomas Mudra for his assistance in 2012.

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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