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  HANSA, 505
Ellicott Street, Buffalo, New York

By Ashley Kay

Partial reprint
Uniland Reveals Coworking Space Amenities, Name
Buffalo Rising
, October 11, 2019 
(online September 2020)

Uniland Development Company’s coworking space downtown has a name: HANSA. HANSA (pronounced hhn-s) is Latin for “guild,” meaning to unite people for a common purpose. The facility at 505 Ellicott Street will offer fully-furnished workspaces from traditional coworking to private offices, suites and meeting rooms with generous amenities.

Uniland is currently renovating a former warehouse at 505 Ellicott Street [Frey the Wheelman] where HANSA will open in the spring. The building, which also include a privately-operated caf and two apartments, is being outfitted with new skylights, windows, a focal-point staircase leading to a second story, and an outdoor patio. A new brick faade and exterior lighting will align the building with its neighbors and visitors inside will be energized by the chic industrial interior design and the fusion of modern office and residential furniture and decor.

HANSA co-founder and Uniland Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives, Carl Montante Jr, has been committed to bringing this service to Buffalo for the last few years. Mr. Montante toured similar centers around the country and Toronto, both at larger and peer cities, and saw the strength of creating a local brand rather than franchising with a national one. The HANSA brand was born from a collaborative process between Uniland and The Martin Group. HANSA’s modular logo represents the flexibility that this facility provides its members.

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Special thanks to Laura Jimenez, HANSA Community Manager, for her cooperation in 2020

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