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Muhammad  Zaman

Photo source:  UUU Art Collective (online June 2020)

Nicole Murray,

Art at the Intersection of Culture and Spirituality: Spotlight Muhammad Zaman

Our Colors Make Us Beautiful

The Time is Always Right to do What is Right

Mural, Hertel Alley Gallery

People's Park

"Muhammad Zaman is a calligraphic artist, specialising in the use of Arabic. He has always had an interest in lettering and languages, ever since he attended an Islamic school in America. He is currently based in Buffalo, New York."

"Zaman focuses on the three languages that he has grew up around: English, from being an American citizen, the Bengla, the language of his family roots, and Arabic which is the language of the religion that he practices. With the combination of these languages in artistic compositions, Zaman hopes to create an ambiance of harmony, unity and acceptance. There is always one recognisable letter in his art pieces, making the viewer more curious and connected to his work."
- Singulart (online June 2020)
"Although my works contain words in three different languages, there is always at least one recognizable word. This makes the audience curious to ask and decode the message, and this led them to a deep connection with my art.

"Even if I use ancient techniques and universal messages of peace, I keep going trying new shapes and colors to present my art to the world with a modern look. My paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas or wood, but Im always experimenting with materials and textures.

I came to the USA when I was eleven years old. I went to the Islamic school and there I learn the Arabic language. I was fascinated by the elegance of the written Arabic. It wasnt easy for me to integrate myself, I was a shy kid and paper and pen was my way to escape from solitude and a chance to create my own world.

"In the year 2012, I decided to do calligraphy at a professional level and pursue it as a career.

"I am fortunate to have my arts in different private collections in Paris, Lisbon, NYC and Buffalo."
- About Me Muhammad Zaman Art (online June 2020)

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