Forest Lawn Cemetery
Buffalo, New York
Listed on the State & National Register of Historic Places

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A Short History of Forest Lawn Cemetery

Forest Lawn and Hollywood

Cemetery Symbols Found in Forest Lawn Cemetery Illustrations, symbolism

Leaders of the Pan-American Exposition Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York List; biographical notes; some links

List of Lot Holders, 1867

Hannah Beckman, Forest lawn Cemetery History

Tara Schwendner, Forest Lawn Cemetery

Patrick Kavanagh, Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

William Hodge, "Buffalo Cemeteries." Read before the Buffalo Historical Society, February 4, 1879 Discusses major cemeteries of the day

Katherine M. Kopp,
City of Buffalo Cemeteries. Description of cemeteries

Lalli & Rote, Forest Lawn Cemetery

National Register of Historic Places: New York - Erie County List


Blue Sky Mausoleum

Burgess-Little Mausoleum

Butler Mausoleum

Buswell-Hochstetter Mausoleum

Depew Mausoleum

Good Mausoleum

Goodyear (Frank) Mausoleum

Hewitt Mausoleum

Kellner Mausoleum

Knox Mausoleum

Laub Mausoleum

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum

Little - Burgess Mausoleum

Mark (Mitchel H) Mausoleum

Martin (Blue Sky) Mausolem

Myer Mausoleum

Oberkircher Mausoleum

Pierce (George) Mausoleum

Ryley Mausoleum

Stachura Mausoleum

Steuernagel Mausoleum

Vars Mausoleum

Walden Mausoleum

Willams-Pratt Mausoleum


Adam, (Robert B.) Monument

Albright Monument

Allen Monument

Basil Brothers Monument

Becker Monument

Bell Monument

Bennett Monument

Berlin (Dorothy Goetz) Monument

Birge Monument

Blocher Monument

Boasberg (Al) Monument

Carrier Monument

Cary, George Monument

Caudell Monument

Cornelius (Jessica Brown, Countess of Northesk) Monument

Crane Monument

Dart Monument

DeForest Monument

Fargo Monument

Fassett Monument

Fillmore (Millard) Monument

Fryer Monument

Fuqua Monument

Gilbert Monument

Goodyear (Charles) Monument

Grader Monument

Granger Monument

Gratwick Monument

Green (Anna Katherine "Kitty," Rohlfs) Monument

Hamlin Monument

Hengerer Monument

Howard Monument

James Monument

Jewett Monument

Johnson (Pete) Monument

Kleinhans Monument

Lansing Monument

Larkin Monument

Love, Maria Maltby Monument

Martin Monument

McNulty Monument

Oishei Monument

Parker Monument

Phelps Monument by Forest Lawn - Click on "Maps"

Pierce (Dr. Ray V.) Monument

Pratt (Pascal Paoli) Monument

Pratt (Samuel F.) Monument

Rand Monument

Red Jacket Monument

Richmond (Jewett M.) Monument

Rogers Monument

Rohlfs Monument

Roos Monument

Rumsey Monuments

St. John, Margaret Monument

Scherbatow Monument

Schoellkopf (Jacob F.) Monument

Schoellkopf (Paul) Monument

Scherbatow, Prince Kyril of Russia

Southwich (Alfred P ) Monument

Sidway (Charlotte Spaulding) Monument

Sidway (Franklin) Monument

Sidway (Frank St. John) Monument

Sidway (James) Monument

Sidway (Jonathan) Monument

Sidway (Ralph H.) Monument

Silverthorne (Asa K.) Monument

Spaulding Monument

Spaulding Veterans of the Battle of Bunker Hill Cenotaph

Streeter Monument

Talbert Monument - Gravestone

Talbert Monument - Plaque

Thomas Monument

Tracy Monument

Waite Monument

Weber Monument

Forest Lawn Co. structures and sites:

Entrance Gate, Delaware and W. Delavan Avenues

Entrance Gate, Main and W. Delavan Avenues

Administration Building


Gothic Revival Superintendent's House

Triple-Arch Bridge

Mirror Lake: The Three Graces statue

Verdi statue



An empty tomb or a monument erected in honor of a person who is buried elsewhere.

An underground vault or chamber, especially one beneath a church that is used as a burial place

: A memorial stone set at the head of a grave; usually vertical

Ledger-stone: Flat slab covering the entire grave

Markers: Flat memorials also known as grass markers or flush markers

Mausoleum: A large stately tomb or building housing such a tomb or several tombs; usually small copies of classical or Egyptian temples or Gothic chapels (83 private mausoleums at Forest Lawn)

Memorial: A monument intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or event

Monument: A structure, such as a building or sculpture, erected as a memorial; marker; tombstone

Sarcophagus: Aboveground richly decorated stone container for one coffin or more (24 total at Forest Lawn)

Tomb: A vault or chamber for burial of the dead

Tombstone: A gravestone

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