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Weaving the Colors of the World mural
West Side Bazaar (online September 2020)
25 Grant Street near West Ferry, Buffalo, NY

Artist: Chuck Tingley  in 2017

Partial reprint

Weaving the Colors of the World: A Celebration of Buffalo’s Diversity Through Public Art
Buffalo Rising, August 2, 2017  (online September 2020)

Muralist Chuck Tingley in center

It [Weaving the Colors of the World mural] represents the diversity that is found inside the building, as well as throughout the West Side.

The work features textile patterns from around the globe, representing many of the ethnic cultures that have come to call Buffalo “home”. The colorful fabrics and traditional prints painted in the mural reflect the clothing worn by men and women who hail from Burma (Myanmar) and Somalia, for example. The mural recognizes these new refugees that have managed to create new lives for themselves despite all of the hardships that have come their way.

September 3, 2017 photos

Weaving the Colors of the World mural   ...   Three details below:

Detail #1

Detail #2 -   Finger

Detail #3 - Artist's signature

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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