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 Don't Worry, Bee Happy / Buffalo News  murals
Parkway Haircutting, 1086 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

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Street artist Chris Piontkowski is knocking out a new mural on Elmwood
By  Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising,
August 27, 2019

The third Flutterby Festival mural is now (almost) ready for primetime. This work of art came about thanks to a partnership between Half and Half Boutique, street artist Chris Piontkowski and the festival. While this piece is not exactly finished (wrapping up this weekend), it’s easy to tell that it will be a wonderful new addition to Elmwood Avenue. Piontkowski is an artist on the rise in Buffalo, and joins the ranks of myriad other recognized public art muralists who are making big splashes around the city.

This particular mural incorporates a number of enviro elements, which is a testament to the festival, and Elmwood as a growing eco corridor. It also features some fun clues regarding a new business that will be making a presence on the street in months to come.

Another interesting dynamic that we are seeing come to life here is the building to the left of Half & Half. Work is now well underway to create a new habitable commercial space at 1084 Elmwood Avenue – a building that has been pretty much out of the public eye, but will soon be a contributing component to the resurgence that is now underway on the street. More news to come on that front, along with tracking the completion of the mural.

“Kudos to everyone that worked so hard on the inaugural Flutterby Festival,” said Delaware District councilmember Joel Feroleto, who was also a sponsor of the festival. “This mural is one of many public art projects commissioned for the festival that will be permanent fixtures in the Elmwood Village. It’s refreshing to see these new works of art popping up on Elmwood, similar to what we have seen on Hertel.”

The mural was sponsored by Hyatt’s – All Things Creative.

Half and Half  mural
By Chris Piontkowski

Parkway Hair Cutting   ...   Half and Half Boutique

Artist: Chris Piontkowski   ...   1088 Elmwood Avenue   ...   Title:  Half and Half

August 2014 photos

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