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Black Iron Bystro mural
3648 South Park Avenue, Blasdell, NY

Black Iron Bystro Website

By Team Razor Wire in 2017

August 2020 photos

Team Razor Wire is a joining of forces between artists Nicholas Conrad Miller and Christopher Kameck, who have the common goal of creating lasting and impactful public art. Established in 2015 while painting The Worker mural in the Old First Ward in Buffalo.

Miller’s style is based in hard-edged geometric abstraction, focusing on the dynamic balance of line and color that culls inspiration from streamlined minimalist graphics found throughout popular culture. Kameck’s practice is photographic and assemblage-based—focusing on scenes from the everyday with a specific post-industrial twist.

Front door   ...   Black cast iron anvil logo

Two details below:


Chef-owner Bryan Mecozzi's great-uncle in his print shop before Mecozzi turned the shop into this restaurant in  May 2014   ...   Wheat-pasted by Chris Kameck

2016 Bethlehem Steel fire   ...  
Wheat-pasted by Chris Kameck

Rest room enlarged Arizona photo, wheat-pasted by Chris Kameck

Rest room enlarged photo

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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