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"Lookin' Good" mural
1472 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

October 2018 photos

Similar in style to Milbrand's "Greetings From Buffalo" mural on Ellicott Street


North Buffalo's mural renaissance continues with 'Lookin' Good'
By Colin Dabkowski
Buffalo News, July 14, 2018 (online Oct. 2018)

Casey William Milbrand, the artist who launched a thousand Instagram selfies and wedding proposals with his photogenic "Greetings From Buffalo" mural on Ellicott Street, is at it again.

Milbrand's new mural, a blast of bold color and '70s-era typography, on the side of CRāVing Restaurant at 1472 Hertel Ave., will bear a simple message about the surrounding neighborhood in lower-case letters: "lookin' good."

The piece is sponsored by the North Buffalo Organization, a neighborhood group working to promote and revitalize the area. It is raising money to complete the mural through its Facebook page.

The title, according to a Facebook post by the group, comes from a comment Milbrand frequently received while painting his "Greetings From Buffalo" mural in 2016.

"Our goal was to create a mural that celebrates our thriving businesses, as well as the exciting residential projects that are fueling North Buffalo’s wave of success," the post said. "With so many other murals popping up along Hertel Avenue, it’s hard not to say that our resurgent city is lookin’ good."

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Getting the “Lookin’ Good” Mural Off The Ground
  By Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising, July 14, 2018
(online Oct. 2018)

After his smashing success with the “Greetings from Buffalo” mural, artist Casey Milbrand is preparing to get another one off the ground in North Buffalo. This time, the super colorful mural, called “Lookin’ Good”, will be installed on the side of the CRāVing Restaurant at 1472 Hertel Avenue.

The colors and unique typography of the artwork were inspired by the newly restored North Park Theatre, also on Hertel.

Milbrand says that he got the idea for “Lookin’ Good” while he was painting “Greetings from Buffalo”. Apparently, people would pass by as he was painting the piece, and shout out “Lookin’ Good!” He felt that the sentiment was one that people could appreciate throughout the city, during this time when the city is on the rise.

In recent months, Hertel has become an artist’s playground for murals projects. The street has transformed into a colorful display of imaginative canvases, thanks to mounting support from public officials, art institutions, businesses, and organizations. These mural projects have been well received by the public, which is why there is a push to create some additional works at this time. These types of public art initiatives are fun, but they can also be expensive. Hence the reason that it’s so important for everyone to chip in. The end reward is seeing the work come to reality, for all to see, in a larger than life setting.

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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