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Max Collins

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September 1, 2014
Detail of a Knitted Doll by Kurt Treeby at the Buffalo Central Public Library, 1 Lafayette Square.

Treeby based his work on a famous 1962 photograph by Diane Arbus,  "Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park"

"Collins wheat pastes his supersized photographs, a technique that is popular among street artists from Paris to Brooklyn. The images are imposing and approachable at the same time." - Elizabeth Licata, Buffalo Days: More dimensions for Public Art, pub. on Buffalo Spree, Nov. 2013

On Buffalo Architecture & History Website:

732 Elmwood Ave, Ro - Obsolescence    REMOVED

732 Elmwood Ave, Ro - Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial

205 Grant St., Westside Stories Used Books - Musician
220 Grant St., Sweet_Ness 7 Café - Prish Moran, Louise Sano

220 Grant St.,  PUSH Headquarters - PUSH Mural

316 Grote St., Houk Lofts - Houk Manufacturing Company

515 Main St., Main Street Studios - Freestyle Faces of Main Street

417 Massachusetts Ave., Westside Value Laundromat - Burmese Immigrants

472 Niagara St., Burgos -
Roberto Clemente

714 Northland Avenue - Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color Resident Artist Murals, 2021

745 Seneca St.,
The Filling Station - Larkin Then & Now

100 Childs St., Perot Elevator - Swannie Jim' Watkins

100 Childs St., Perot Elevator - Nancy Hughes

See also: See also: Making Freestyle Faces of Main Street video featuring Max Collins, (online September 2014)

Photos and their arrangement © 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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