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Colonial Apartments /  "Gold Wynn Apartments" mural
395-403 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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Colonial Apoartments exterior

"Gold Wynn" mural

Mural Alert: A Ritzy addition by Gold Wynn


1896 -1900
1896 - Building permit for 5-story residentail building
1900 - Three story counterpart


Boughton & Johnson


The Colonial Corp.


Colonial Revival
Gold Wynn Residential USA building purchase:
2019 (See A Big Deal: Gold Wynn Buys 18 Kissling Properties in Buffalo)
2019 mural artist:
Michael Biondo

2005 Photographs

One story stone storefront addition 1920s   ...   Three story addition at right: 1900

Sheet metal  corniceAnthemion   ...   Flanking scroll buttreesses

Center bay   ...
Fourth story - French doors with fanlight and alternating radiating voussoirs;   ...    Wrought iron  balconies   ...  
Third story - French doors with splayed lintels above   ...   Wrought iron balconies

Balcony (above) and  spiderweb muntins fanlight (below)

Splayed lintels

One story stone storefront added in the 1920s   ...   Ionic pilasters: volute and egg-and-dart

Ionic pilasters: volute and egg-and-dart

Egg-and-dart molding from previous photo

October 13, 2019 Photos

"Gold Wynn Apartments" mural
Artist: Michael Biondo

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Partial reprint

Mural Alert: A Ritzy addition by Gold Wynn
By Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising, October 9, 2019

Gold Wynn Residential USA has spiffed up a significant building along Delaware Avenue by adding a ritzy calling card. I spoke to Jeff Wynn, principal of Toronto-based Wynn Group, earlier this summer, when he told me that he was on the hunt for a local muralist to apply an original artistic creation. “The mural adds a little Gatsby allure to Allentown,” said Wynn.

The wall in question, located on one of their investment properties at 401 Delaware Avenue, was larger than life, which meant that the realty group needed an artist that could make a real splash. Wynn ended up going with a design by artist Michael Biondo (, who pulled off the job nicely with this application.

The work by Biondo suits the vision that the Wynn Group has for Buffalo. One of the reasons that they love this city is the moderne art deco work that they have uncovered and restored at a number of their buildings. This deco era was the time period when Buffalo was in its prime, during the 20s and 30s.

401 Delaware Avenue is located near the corner of Edward and Delaware, across from The Mansion and near Founding Fathers.

Another Biondo mural for Gold Wynn

49 Johnson Park

Photos and their arrangement 2005, 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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