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Elmwood Avenue, between Bidwell Parkway and Potomac Avenue, Buffalo, NY
A 1987 bronze work has been gifted to the City by AT&T. The two-piece bronze sculpture named “Eden”, by prolific artist Judith Shea, was donated by the Corporate Art Collection of AT&T. The work of art was also made possible through a public art initiative conducted by the Buffalo Arts Commission and the Albright-Knox.

Judith Shea is widely respected for her series of works which portray bodiless articles of clothing with no forms to fill them. Her history as a fashion designer has influenced her works for over 30 years.

According to Buffalo Arts Commission Chair,  Catherine Gillespie, this is the first time in 30 years that the City has added a work of art of this nature, that does not commemorate or memorialize an individual or group. This public art initiative is simply art for art’s sake.

In her early works, such as the one that we see here, her [Shea] hollow figure compositions were created using heavy industrial felt, which was purchased from the Buffalo Felt Company.

- Queenseyes, " 'Eden' Unveiled," Buffalo Rising, Aug 19, 2015

Looking west

Looking north

Looking east ... Note ground plaques: The Buffalo Cultural Walk of Fame ...
"The Buffalo Cultural Walk of Fame was created by Charles Griffasi Sr to honor Western New Yorkers who have enriched the universe with their artistic contributions in Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts.  To maintain the legacy of our vast heritage, their names are engraved in granite plaques and permanently recessed into the sidewalk at Elmwood Avenue and Bidwell Parkway.  This location is the gateway to our cultural corridor.  This encompasses the Albright Knox, the Burchfield Penny Center, and the Historical Society ... Western New Yorkers in celebrating those who have excelled in music, film, television, as well as the literary, visual, performing arts, architecture and innovation." - Website (online September 2015)

The Buffalo Cultural Walk of Fame

The Buffalo Cultural Walk of Fame: Katharine Cornell

The sculptures are initially fashioned from industrial weight felt, which the artist saturates with hot wax and presses into shape, before filling the shapes with molten metal.

Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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