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Vibrant Buffalo mural

2196 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY

By Justin Suarez

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Note Shea's Seneca at left

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The non-profit behind the new Seneca Street mural has more plans to make the area vibrant

By Kaley Lynch, July 27, 2020

A colorful new mural on Seneca Street in South Buffalo is attracting plenty of attention.

Rochester-based mural artist Justin Suarez created the “Vibrant Buffalo” mural on the side of Buffalo Jewelry and Loan, 2196 Seneca Street. He wrapped up work on the piece on Friday.

“People were beeping their car horns all day to say hi, giving us complements on it,” Suarez said.

The process took about ten days.

Suarez, who has been creating artwork with spray paint since he was 17, was commissioned by the Coalition for a Vibrant Seneca Street to create the piece. The mural was made possible through a grant funded by the Buffalo Billion’s Better Buffalo Fund.

Suarez worked with the Coalition on the design, which includes a large bison, an “A W Bartlett Cash Grocery” horse-drawn cart, and the Shea’s Seneca sign. “We were trying to represent some of the history of Seneca Street with a little more of an urban art element to it,” Suarez said.

Photo source:  Emily Hessney Lynch, Justin Suarez

Photo source:  Emily Hessney Lynch, Justin Suarez

Photo source:  Emily Hessney Lynch, Justin Suarez

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