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Lace & Day Mural
445 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York

By Monet Alyssa Kifner

Sponsors: AKG Public Art Initiative, Erie County, City of Buffalo

August 13, 2023 Photos

"Kifner’s mural is thanks in part to Lace & Day owners, Emily Constantine Doren and Holly Constantine Ortman, who were looking to artistically represent a wider range of the population, including those who identifies as cis, trans, nonbinary, curvy, skinny… the mural speaks to everyone." - Buffalo Rising (online September 2023)

  Italianate style brackets and rounded windows

Two details below:

 "Monet Alyssa Kifner is a freelance illustrator born, raised, and currently residing in Buffalo. She is interested in exploring form, pattern, fashion, and nature, and crafts psychedelic and colorful motifs to adorn her figures in works that combine digital and traditional mediums. Alyssa graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2019.  American. Born1997." - Buffalo AKG (online September 2023)

Also by Monet Alyssa Kifner:

Cobblestone Commons

Photos and their arrangement © 2023 Chuck LaChiusa
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