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Two Chuck Tingley Murals at Art Park
Artpark is located at 450 S. Fourth St., Lewiston

By Chuck Tingley

2015 mural - "The Ascent"


Artist painting Chuck Tingley large-scale mural at Artpark
By jmaloni
Western New York artist Chuck Tingley is creating a permanent mural at Artpark on the art gallery's north exterior wall. He is using spray paint, acrylic, markers and stencils to create the images pictured.

"The patterns are inspired by an artist named Robert Smithson, and he's the creator of land art," Tingley said Wednesday. "Artpark started as a residency for people that did land art. And it was made in the name of Robert Smithson."

"So, the patterns I took from some of his sculpture work, and I turned them into stencils." ... "It's sort of like a Mother Nature-esque theme, where she's releasing these goldfinch birds," he said.
"The Ascent"



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Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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