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Lyndon B. Johnson Apartments Mural
AKA: LBJ Apartments
167 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo NY

By Aaron Li-Hill


Aaron Li-Hil
Canadian, based in Brooklyn in 2023
Photographer collaborator:
Patrick Cray
Mural painted: August 2-15, 2023

Mural material:

Height: 10 stories
Sponsors: AKG / BMHA

August 19, 2023 Photos

View from Main Street                  Metro Rail Humbodt-Hospital Station

Li-Hill's "dramatic works are considered ethereal in nature, accelerating in motion, and thought-provoking in scope." - Queenseyes, "Massive Mural Coming to 10-story Lyndon B. Johnson Apartments" (online in September 2023)

Front entrance at the right on Humboldt Parkway

Note the mural paint

"In order to ensure that the mural will be long-lasting, the building’s east wall underwent repairs earlier this year, and is currently being power washed and ‘buffed’ with a base coat of paint." - Queenseyes, "Massive Mural Coming to 10-story Lyndon B. Johnson Apartments" (online in September 2023)


Buffalo AKG Unveils Tallest Mural to Date, First on Public Housing Development

(online September 2023)

Today, the Buffalo AKG Art Museum formally unveiled a new mural on the southeast façade of Lyndon B. Johnson Apartments (LBJ) at 167 Humboldt Parkway, a Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA) public housing development that primarily houses elderly and disabled residents. The mural by Canadian artist Aaron Li-Hill is both the tallest to date by the Buffalo AKG’s groundbreaking Public Art Initiative and the first project it has produced in collaboration with the BMHA and its residents.
Every aspect of the project from its inception—including the selection of the artist and the development of the content of the artwork—was completed in cooperation with the residents of LBJ. Beginning in 2021, an interdepartmental team from the Buffalo AKG attended six Resident Council meetings and regularly visited the development in order to gauge interest, develop a holistic understanding of the residents’ goals and aspirations, and finally create a shared vision for the mural. Li-Hill and local photographer Patrick Cray joined the staff team to coordinate artmaking activities and capture photographs of the residents and other members of the community. Li-Hill’s design for the mural, which was informed by these conversations and photographs, was approved by the residents in April 2023.
“Since the project’s inception nearly two years ago, the residents of LBJ Apartments have welcomed us into their home and worked with us every step of the way,” said Janne Sirén, Peggy Pierce Elfvin Director of the Buffalo AKG. “It has been an honor to facilitate the creation of Aaron Li-Hill’s stunning artwork, which depicts the people in LBJ’s remarkable and close-knit community. It is my sincere hope that this project marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Buffalo AKG, BMHA, and residents of public housing throughout Buffalo.”

Photos and their arrangement © 2023 Chuck LaChiusa
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