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See also A panoramic sketch of Delaware south of North Street by an artist from the tower of Westminster

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Adams Station Power Plant   Plant where electricity from Niagara falls was generated  
Albright Art Gallery


One of the best Greek revival buildings in the country; John J. Albright its largest contributor  
Barrett, Louisa house


Located next to present-day Buffalo Seminary on Bidwell Pkwy (See also Buffalo Seminary Home Page) 1
Buffalo Botanical Gardens   A 3-domed Victorian style conservatory opened in 1900 and designed by the architects Lord & Burnham 38
Bidwell Parkway


One of the parkways in Olmsted & Vaux's park system in Buffalo 1
Buffalo Club


Exclusive men's club on Delaware Ave., across the street from Trinity Church 4
Buffalo River


The main reason there was a settlement in early Buffalo; Michigan St. Bridge spans it 22
Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane


Early, progressive institution for the insane; today named the Buffalo Psychiatric Center 1
Buffalo Women's Wheel and Athletic Club


Cary House


Home of Dr. Walter Cary, 184 Delaware Ave. 11
Cave of the Winds


Part of Niagara Falls 2
"Chinaman's" lighthouse


Located next to present-day Coast Guard station 22
Chippewa Market


One of several open-air markets 16
City Hall (now the Old County Hall)


Originally Buffalo City Hall and County Hall 10
Coatsworth Elevator & Slip


Coatsworth family summer compound at Abino Bay, Ontario


Coatsworth House


49 Cottage St. in Allentown section of Buffalo; house Thomas Coatsworth built for his bride, Electra, in 1869. See Francesca Coatsworth above. 6


The first day care center in the US; established by Maria Love. Demolished. 1
184 Delaware   Home of Dr. Walter Cary and his wife, Julia Love Cary 35
"downtown hotel" - clearly referring to the Lafayette Hotel


Major turn-of-the-century hotel in Buffalo; designed by Louise Blanchard Bethune 6
DL&W Railroad


Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad; the train shed still stands at the end of the Rapid Transit line at the foot of Main St.; the shed is located on the northern shore of the Buffalo River 22


Stanford White-designed factory worker housing for the Niagara Falls power company; most of the houses in the several block area still stand  
Ellicott Square Building


Built in 1896, it was the largest office building in the country 10
Erie Canal


Buffalo became the western terminus in 1825; led to Buffalo's growth from a sleepy village to a major city 21


One of Buffalo's two major newspapers at the turn of the century 16


Private club on Grand Island, accessible only by boat in 1901 25
Fine Arts Academy


The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, founded in 1862, is the parent organization of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. 2
Fitch Crèche


The first day care center in the US; established by Maria Love. Demolished. 7
Forest Lawn Cemetery


Buffalo's largest cemetery 10
Franklin School


Goat Island (Hermit's Cascade, bridge to Asenath)


Near the Niagara Falls 2
Grain elevators


Huge wood, then cement, storage containers for grain shipped from the Midwest; attracted worldwide engineer and architect admirers. Have potential to be major tourist attraction 22
Candy shop at 374 Delaware Avenue
Iroquois Hotel


Luxury hotel. Presently the site of M & T Bank. 8
Lackawanna Steel Mill administration building


Brought to Buffalo by John J. Albright, et al.; predecessor of Bethlehem Steel Co. 13
Lafayette Hotel


Major turn-of-the-century hotel in Buffalo; designed by Bethune, Louise Blanchard 6
Lincoln Parkway


One of the parkways in Olmsted & Vaux's park system in Buffalo 3
Lyric Hall


Music hall. Demolished. 15
Maid of the Mist


Niagara Falls tourist boat 17
Market Arcade


Thoroughpass between Main St. and Washington Market; beautifully restoredin the 1990s; designed by Green and Wicks 16
Macaulay School


Fictional, but based on Buffalo Seminary School which did not locate on Bidwell Pkwy until 1908  
Michigan St. Baptist Church


Underground Railroad site; Mary Talbert lived next door 24
Milburn House


Demolished, but originally located on Delaware on the present day Canisius High School campus 22
National Assoc. of Colored Women


Niagara Reservation


Name of the state park that includes Niagara Falls 15
Nichols School


Private boys' school; now co-ed 6
Orphan Asylum


Includes the Infants' Ward; that Francesca Coatsworth is appointed president; present day condos 16 (20)
Pan-American Exposition


1901 "world's" (actually only the Americas) fair in Buffalo 1
Park Lake


Present day Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park; artificial lake designed by Olmsted and Vaux 2
Post Office


Officially opened June 1901; now ECC 10
Powerhouse 1, 3


Modeled on the Niagara Falls Power Company's landmark Edward Dean Adams station  
Prudential Building


Early skyscraper designed by Sullivan and Adler on Church Street 10
Reservation - the Niagara Reservation


First state park in the nation. Designed by Olmsted and Vaux 15
Roycroft community


Movement stated by Elbert Hubbard after he made his fortune as sales director for Larkin Soap Co. 25
Rumsey Park


The large estate of Aaron Rumsey 34
Sinclair House


Fictional, but based on Buffalo Seminary Larkin House 2
Soldier's Place


Designed by Olmsted and Vaux as part of Buffalo's park and parkways system  
Stony Point


Present day Lackawanna where John J. Albright bought land for the Lackwanna Steel Co. of Scranton.  
Talbert House


Demolished. 521 Michigan Ave., the lot north of the Michigan Street Baptist Church; an historical marker designates the site 23
Three Sisters Islands


Small islands near Niagara Falls: Asenath, Angeline, and Celinda Eliza 2
Trinity Church


Trinity and Westminster churches, on Delaware Ave. a few blocks away from each other, were the two exclusive churches at the turn of the century. 2
Twentieth Century Club


Exclusive women's club - established in part because the Buffalo Club would not allow women.
Western NY & Pennsylvania Line Railroad


Westminster Presbyterian Church


724 Delaware Ave.; erected 1859 12
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