McCann House - Table of Contents

Vestibule and Foyer - Chloe A. McCann House
20 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Vestibule VS Foyer

2018 Photos

Tudor Revival style  oak door from the demolished Langdon Albright House   ...   Triple cinquefoil arches    ...   Leaded glass

Coffered ceiling with bead-and-reel molding   ...   Lincrusta wall covering

Coffered ceiling with bead-and-reel molding   ...   Lincrusta wall covering

Lincrusta wall covering   with acanthus leaf motif


Doors to vestibule at far right   ...   Note rounded arch at right of photo which leads to an alcove on the other side of the foyer    ...  Three alcove  details below:

Alcove detail #1: Vestibule wooden spandrel

Leaded, beveled detailed below:

Leaded glass with jewels and beveled glass

Coffered ceiling

Middle stained glass detailed below:

Louvre's "Victory at Samothrace" model statue   ...   Victorian Stained glass window

Victorian stained glass window - without the statue

Sconce decorated with acanthus leaves

Chimneyboard painted by Dominic DeFillippo (detailed below:)  ...   Brass fender

Brass fender   ...   Brick hearth

Note fireplace at right   ...   To the right of the built-in couch is a niche which is detailed below:

Niche to the left of the fireplace   ...   Wainscot decorated with bead-and-reel

Built-in couch decorated  with applied scrolling acanthus leaves

  vase-shaped  balusters

Finial   ...   Acanthus leaves on  newel  capital

Vase-shaped balusters

Note landing stained glass window  (detailed below:)

Landing Victorian stained glass windows     ...    Details below:

Upper side panels feature jewels

Lower side panels   ...   Two details below:

Lower side panels  detail #1

Lower side panels  detail #2 -  Fleur-de-lis design

Center lower panel

Far left:  Living room   ...   Center left: Dining room

Wainscoting (detailed below:)

Wainscoting features vertical bead-and-reel molding

Special thanks to Dominic DeFillippo for his cooperation and Arlan Peters for his assistance in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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