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SINGK foil, SANGK foil


A five-lobed circle or arch formed by cusping

In French, "foil" means "leaf." The number of foils involved is indicated by a prefix, e.g. trefoil, quatrefoil, sexfoil, multifoil

Used in windows and arches

Found in Gothic Revival, Tudor Revival styles


Found also on furniture


Cinquefoil plant (Potentilla)

The cinquefoil bears bright yellow colored flowers from May to August in the fall.


"In heraldry, the cinquefoil emblem or "potentilla" signified strength, power, honor and loyalty. Depiction of the five-petaled flower appears as early as 1033, in the architecture of the church built in the village of Reulle-Vergy (Burgundy, France)... The cinquefoil emblem was used generously in the architecture of numerous churches built in Normandy and Brittany, through the 15th century." Wikipedia:Potentilla

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