Chloe A. McCann House
20 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Arlan Peters, History of 20 Norwood Avenue

Exterior photos

Interior photos:
Vestibule and Foyer

Living and Dining rooms

Main bedroom

Second main bedroom

Other rooms
See also: Arlan Peters
George Howard died in August, 1886. 

His heirs sold 20 Norwood Avenue to Chloe A. McCann on September 30, 1889. Chloe’s husband, John A. McCann was not named on the deed. 
It seems to have been a common practice to put a home in the wife’s name, perhaps to protect it from loss if the husband’s business should fail.
- Arlan Peters, History of 20 Norwood Avenue

Special thanks to Dominic DeFillippo for his cooperation and Arlan Peters for his assistance in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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