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Colored Musicians' Club Murals
145 Broadway, Buffalo, NY
Colored Musicians' Club - Official Website

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Mural - North elevation: Facade

Mural - East Elevation

Mural - Musicians

2014 Photos

As of August 2018, the Colored Musicians Club is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Facade (North elevation)
2014 Photos

Far left: Michigan Street Baptist Church

Store bldg. built in 1910 for Charles Zifle (whose name is in the cornice), designed by Joseph J. Geigand. (Caption courtesy of Martin Wachadlo);
Dentils ... Corbel table

Allen "Al" Tinney and Dodo Greene

Artist signature: Herbie Small Jr. ... Left: Duke Ellington ... Right: Miles Davis

Nat King Cole and Grover Washington, Jr.

Elvin Shepherd and  Count Basie

East Elevation Mural
2014 Photos

Mural on left (east) side of the building ... Note signature at lower left ... Five details below:

  #1 of five details ... Upper left

  #2 of five details ... Lower left

  #3 of five details ... Lower left

 #4 of five details ... Lower right

Artist: W ...

2015 Photographs

Also by William Y. Cooper:  "Nexus"


Details below: left to right

Note artist signature

Also by William Y. Cooper:  "Nexus"

Photos and their arrangement 2014, 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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