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Misc. rooms - Chloe A. McCann House
20 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York


Perhaps not used originally as a library

  Sky painting on ceiling by Doris Collins

Plaster cornice restored by Dominic DeFillippo   in 1990   ...   Detail below:

Corner book cabinet features leaded glass    ...   Detail below:

Plaster cupid in tympanum was one of the extra reproductions for Shea's Theater that Arlan Peters and Dominic DeFillippo created as volunteers

Empire style sideboard   ...    Detail below:

Empire style sideboard   ...  Corinthian column   ...   Acanthus foot   ...   Embossed rosette knob


Left: Eastlake style  pier glass (console mirror)   ...   Tudor Revival style  oak door from the demolished Langdon Albright House (detail below:)

Eastlake table mirror  ...   Two details below:

Eastlake table mirror cornice

Eastlake table mirror  chiseled frame

Sycamore Renaissance Revival partners' desk   ...   Three details below:

C. 1900  Renaissance Revival partners' desk  deatil #1 -  Grotesque  (North wind?) with scrolling acanthus leaves   ...   Cabriole legs

Desk detail #2 -   Grotesque  (North wind?) with scrolling acanthus leaves

Desk detail #3 - Renaissance Revival partners' desk   ...  Cabriole legs and paw feet

(Reconfigured) Kitchen

Originally the butler's pantry.  Before 1971, the wall connected to the kitchen was opened up, reconfiguring the kitchen space.

Leaded, casement windows from Langdon Albright's demolished house   ...   Detail below:

Bronze handle

Stained glass window not original to the house   ...   Three details below:

Stained glass window includes lead camebeveled glass at left,  rippled glass in lower right,  jewels at right

Medallion features English knight surrounded by opalescent  scrolling acanthus leaves

Opalescent glass

Murano millefiore ["thousand flowers"] lamp    ...   Detail below:


Greenhouse/patio dsigned by Arlan Peters and built by Peters and Dominic DeFillippo    ...   Back wall/acrylic panels  can be  raised and become part of the skylight roof   

Second floor landing   wainscoting features vertical bead-and-reel molding

Second floor landing   ...
Empire style drop leaf table with leaf in dropped postiton  ...   When the leaf is raised, the top rotates a quarter turn to support the top and leaf  ...   Two details  below:

Pedestal support

Empire style drop leaf table   ...   Monopodium

Attic lattice windows  in top of tower

Special thanks to Dominic DeFillippo for his cooperation and Arlan Peters for his assistance in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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