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Pascal Paoli Pratt

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According to a Pratt descendent (in 2008), Pascal Paoli is named after the great Corsican democratically elected president Filippo Antonio Pasquale di Paoli (Wikipedia entry) who designed and wrote the Corsican Constitution. The Pratts had no Italian bloodlines.

On Buffalo Architecture and History Website:

Portrait above - M&T Bank

Portrait -  Men of Buffalo, Chicago: A. N. Marquis & Co, 1902

Portrait - Beautiful Forest lawn

Biography - Reprinted from Geneological and Family History of Western New York

Monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery

Photo: The Pascal P. Pratt Residence - The Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo, Frank H. Severance, ed. Pub. by the Buffalo Historical Society Publications, Vol. 16, 1912, p. 326

Pratt's carriage accompanied the escort of the assassinated Abraham Lincoln

Pratt & Company 1859 ad in the Buffalo Directory

Pratt & Letchworth 1859 ad in the Buffalo Directory

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