Forest Lawn Cemetery Table of Contents

Section 23, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York

Art Deco Mausoleums:

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Kellner Mausoleum.
Art Deco building with setbacks Lower wings have receding pyramidal roof.

Kellner Mausoleum.
Bronze doors

Kellner Mausoleum.

Kellner Mausoleum.
Art Deco geometric ornamentation


Caroline Oberkircher Mausoleum.
Art Deco style. Rectangular columns have center fluting; Urn symbol

Oberkircher Mausoleum.
Freemasons symbol

Oberkircher Mausoleum
Scroll motif on urn



Steuernagel Mausoleum.

Steuernagel Mausoleum.
Stylized thistle ornamentation; rectangular columns have center fluting; classical style door

Kellner Mausoleum

John. S. Kellner, president of the Crystal Ice and Storage Company, and active in the insurance business, died last night in his home, 287 Linwood Avenue. He was 71 years old.

Born in Dunkirk, Mr. Kellner was educated in that city and came to Buffalo when a young man. He entered the insurance business and in 1906 founded the Crystal Ice and Storage Company, which now operates two plants in this city. With his brother, Matthew Kellner, he conducted an insurance business with offices in Ellicott Square.

Mr. Kellner was a member of Buffalo Consistory, the Shrine, the Washington Lodge and Buffalo Athletic Club.

Source: Buffalo Courier Express, June 1, 1937

Oberkircher Mausoleum

Interred in the mausoleum:

Steuernagel Mausoleum

John Steuernagel died at age 84 on December 11, 1964 in his home at 37 Eltham, Drive, Amherst, NY.

Steuernagel joined the Kleinhans Co. in 1905 and rose to the position of board chairman. Kleinhans was perhaps the largest store under one roof (in the Brisbane Building) in the nation specializing in clothing for men and boys.

Steuernagel stated as a"cash boy" for the old J. N. Adam & Co. in 1904. He joined Kleinhans as a clerk in its shipping department in 1905. Later his reputation was that of the nation's top clothing salesman. He sold $100,000 worth of clothing per year. He became vice president and general manager in 1922. When Edward Kleinhans died in 1934, Steuernagel became president, a position he held 22 years.

Born in Starndorf, Germany, Steuernagel came to Buffalo in 1896.

He married Clara Ruthenberg and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1956. She died later the same year. Their only child is Walter J. Steuernagel, board vice president and vice president of Kleinhans who was elected chairman after his father's death.

An ardent golfer, he and a group of friends decided to start their own club which has become the Transit Valley Country Club. He was a former member of the Buffalo Athletic Club and a member of the Buffalo Yacht Club. A 32nd degree Mason.

Beside his son, Steuernagel was survived by his wife, eh former Charlotte Rubins and a brother, Christian.

Source: Buffalo Courier Express, December 122, 1964, p. 12

Special thanks to Patrick Kavanagh for sharing his research

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