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Forest Lawn Cemetery - Main Street Entrance Gate
Buffalo, NY


Henry Osgood Holland
Died in 1925 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Section 16.


McDonnell & Sons




Classical Revival..... Roman triumphal arch



Forest Lawn Cemetery Status:

National Register of Historic Places


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Note protruding cornice and keystone

Ancone keystone

Anthemion ornament


Ball symbolizes unending life

Originally built as a rest stop for visitors to the cemetery. Restored in 2001-02.

Lodge Doric column

Lodge east elevation Related page

Lodge interior.
Originally built as a rest stop for visitors to the cemetery. Restored in 2001-02.


Henry Osgood Holland
Source: "Men of Buffalo," Chicago: A. N. Marquis & Co, 1902

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Much of the cemetery was part of the Erastus Granger Farm, Flint Hill, whose farmhouse occupied a site about where the imposing Main Street entrance arch now stands.

Preparation for the Pan-American Exposition began in earnest in 1899. Forest lawn Cemetery joined in the elaborate civic arrangements by sponsoring a contest to design a new entrance gate to be erected on Main Street at Delavan Avenue. There were 31 plans submitted by 29 separate architects. Buffalo architect Henry Osgood Holland won the contest with a heroic triumphal arch. It towers 40 feet spanning the entrance road and incorporates pavilion gatehouses on either side. The cost of the gate was $40,000, a substantial sum 100 years ago.

The arch, complete with supporting lodges, was officially dedicated in 1901 and was an often-visited site by patrons from the nearby Pan-American Exposition grounds.

The gate is in the form of a Roman triumphal arch symbolically representing the eternal hope that ždeath be swallowed up in victory.Ó

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