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Jewett M. Richmond

Richmond Memorial in Forest Lawn Cemetery

Memorial detail: Granite figure of Gabriel

Memorial detail

Memorial detail

Memorial detail

In 1896, Richmond was president of the Buffalo Mutual Gas Light Co.

In 1867, Richmond was elected president of the Marine Bank; reelected in 1892.

Richmond's favorite club was the Falconwood Club on Grand Island

Richmond was a founder of the Buffalo Club

Grover Cleveland was among eminent visitors to the Richmond mansion

While she was first lady, Frances Folsom Cleveland came from the White House to take tea at the Richmond home.

Richmond was a leader in the Young Men's Association

The J. M. Richmond Building

Richmond-Lockwood House, 844 Delaware Ave.

Richmond Elevator


Memorial window - "Nativity" - in Westminster Presbyterian Church


The article below is excerpted from
"Pupils Now Use Old Richmond Mansion," by H. Katherine Smith, pub. in The Buffalo News, June 1, 1952

The red brick and stucco mansion of English Tudor architecture at 844 Delaware Ave. -- now used as an annex of the Bishop McMahon High School, was the home of two of Buffalo's most public-spirited citizens. They are the late Jewett M. Richmond, whose name is perpetuated by Richmond Avenue, and the late Thomas Brown Lockwood, donor of the Lockwood Library and his valuable collection of first editions, manuscripts and other rare books at the University of Buffalo.

In 1873, when Mr. Richmond bought the Delaware Ave.. property, its lawns, gardens and orchards extended back to the present
Richmond Avenue. The Richmond family was supplied with milk by a cow that grazed in what is now a densely populated residential section of the city. In ample stables on the property were horses of exceptional beauty and speed. The late John Richmond, son of Jewett M., used to race on Delaware Ave., then popular proving ground for fast horses owned by socially prominent Buffalonians.

Home Rebuilt After Fire

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Source: The Pictorial year-book and calendar for 1888. with Buffalo events in 1887, valuable statistics, etc. Reprinted by Cornell U.

In 1887, the original Richmond home burned. The fire started on a January night when the mercury was near zero. The young members of the Richmond family were awakened and hurried to the stable for safety. At first Jewett M. Richmond attempted to extinguish the fire with pails of water. When this failed, he tried to summon the volunteer firefighters by means of a direct wire from his home to the department headquarters. The alarm failed to work. By the time the volunteers arrived, the house was ablaze and burned to the ground.

Jewett M. Richmond's daughter, Lillian Richmond, lives at 25 Lincoln Pky. Her debut near the turn of the century was one of the most beautiful and gracious social functions in the onetime Richmond home.

Famous Visitors

Grover Cleveland was among eminent visitors to the Richmond mansion When Jewett M. Richmond, president of the marine bank, director of the Buffalo Board of trade and member of the City Council, was asked to accept the nomination for mayor, he declined in favor of his good friend, Grover Cleveland, launching the latter on a career of public leadership that was to culminate in the Presidency of the United States.

While she was first lady,
Mrs. [Frances Folsom] Cleveland came from the White House to take tea at the Richmond home.

Julia Marlowe, the Shakespearean actress, also was entertained there.

Richmond's Business Interests

  • During the panic of 1873, Jewett M. Richmond built the Buffalo and Jamestown Railroad.
  • His interests included also the Buffalo Southwestern Railroad and the Buffalo Gas Light Company.
  • He was a founder of the Buffalo Club, and active in the Country Club of Buffalo. His favorite club was the Falconwood Club of Grand Island.
  • He was trustee of the Charity Organization Society, a leader in the Young Men's Association, from which our Public Library developed, and a generous contributor to the Buffalo Historical Society, Society of Natural Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts.

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