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Interior - Westminster Presbyterian Church
724 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

In 1903, the sanctuary was renovated by Tiffany Studios who stenciled Christian symbols in gold throughout: 13 around the chancel arch, 11 in the chancel, and 66 on wall panels.

Redecoration included the church windows and the electroliers.

The interior architecture was changed from Romanesque Revival to to English Tudor Gothic. Note, however, that the painted art work by Tiffany Studios is Art Nouveau style, a substyle, many would say, of Arts & Crafts.

In 1954, the Tiffany Studios-stenciled Christian symbols were painted over, but in 1992, Christian symbols around chancel arch and chancel were restored by Ingersoll Painting & Construction. Further, the walls and panels of the Sanctuary were brightened with a rich textured patina "red" with a golden "ochre" for the upper sections and, finally, the ceiling finished in a medium blue with stenciling to complement wall colors.

Stained Glass Windows

From 1931-1952, new Gothic-style windows were installed, replacing the handsome but plain Tiffany windows. The first window was contributed by the Richmond family.

Audio: John McClive, Holmes Chapel
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John McClive, Linking With the Comos in Sacred Places Correlates Westminster's art treasures with Gothic history

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English Tudor Gothic style

I992 painted ceiling restoration

1992 chancel restoration

Detail: IC / XC / NI / KA

Designed by Tiffany Studios in 1903


Cross on apse wall

Oak chancel wainscoting

Communion table is ornamented with quatrefoil arches

1872 marble baptismal font

Detail - 1872 marble baptismal font

Bas-relief carving by Adlais Hardin

Good Samaritan

Pointed Gothic-style windows, 1931-1952

1992 covered Tiffany Studios stencils

1992 restored Tiffany Studios stencils

1903 electrolier

Nave and choir loft

Special thanks to John McClive for his assistance

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