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Ankh: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph - a cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top.

Celtic cross: A Latin cross with a circle superimposed on its center

Chi-Rho: Formed by superimposing the first two letters in the Greek spelling of the word Christ:  chi = ch and rho = r, in such a way to produce the monogram.
Cross bottony: Cross having each arm terminating in three rounded lobes, forming a sort of trefoil.

heraldry, bottony refers to a symbol having a bud or button, or a kind of trefoil, at the end.
Cross pattée:   Type of Christian cross which has arms narrow at the centre, and often flared in a curve or straight line shape, to be broader at the perimeter.
( AKA: "cross patty" / "cross Pate" /  "cross formée/formy" /  croix pattée)
Crucifix: A cross with a representation of Jesus' body hanging from it.

A Middle English term derived from the Latin, meaning "fastened to a cross."

Eastern Orthodox: A cross with three cross beams.

The second cross-bar at top is for the INRI inscription; the bottom cross-bar is His footrest.

AKA: Byzantine, Greek Orthodox, Macedonian, Russian, Slavic, Slavonic, or Ukraine cross
Greek cross: A cross with four equal arms at right angles.

Latin cross (Christian cross): A cross consisting of a vertical bar intersected by a shorter horizontal one above its midpoint.

Believed to be of the style on which Jesus died. The cross as a Christian symbol came into use at least as early as the second century.

Upsidedown Latin cross: associated with St. Peter
Processional cross:  A crucifix which is carried at the head of a procession, and which, that it may be more easily seen, is usually mounted upon a long staff or handle.

Rood: A large crucifix; esp. one set above the chancel entrance

Saltire (St. Andrew's cross): Lines run diagonally; a cross rotated by 45 degrees.
Sunburst cross

The design used on a monstrance.  Someimes found on necklaces of a crucifix with sunburst behind the head of Jesus.
For other types of crosses, see Wikipedia: Cross (online October 2019) and  Fish Eaters  (online October 2019)


Furniture: X stretcher: Used to connect the four supports of a chair or piece of furniture, and to reinforce them.

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