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Unusual floor plan: only one side aisle, allowing for very tall perpendicular windows on the south side.
2019 Photos

: space around the principal altar of a church for the clergy and choir, often separated by a screen or railing from the body of the church.
See also:  Chancel high altar stained glass window

Note choir seating, an important feature of chancels   ...     Chancel details below:

Chancel   ...   Two windows at left are non-figural   ...   The window over the high altar is by J. Gordon Guthrie

Chancel   ...    Organ pipes at right

Wooden canopy, reredos and marble high altar   ...   Note processional cross at left, the top of which is detailed below:

Center image: Sacrificial lamb

Note wooden canopy which was carved by Nicholas Rumsay   ...   Detail below:

Includes crown of thorns motif   ...   Model for communion table illustrated below

Reredos hanging

Marble altar   ...   Terra cotta floor tiles

Marble altar detail

Terra cotta floor tile

Communion table  by Arthur F. Werner in 2004   ...   See 2004 construction photos

Design inspired by
baptismal font in the narthex  (see below)


Nave: The central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregation. In traditional Western churches it is rectangular, separated from the chancel by a step or rail, and from adjacent aisles by pillars.

Nave and organ loft   ...   Pointed Gothic wooden ceiling uses arched braces

Nave   ...   Arched braces (detailed below:)

Nave wooden ceiling

Nave   ...  Corbels help support the arched braces

Nave   ...  Corbel

Nave   ...  Two left windows are figural   ...   Lattice-designed windows can be replaced by memorial windows in the future

Nave   ...  Stone column

Nave   ...   Children's Pulpit, so named because in anticipation of the new church, the children of the Sunday School collected and saved coins sufficient to pay for this magnificently carved pulpit. Included are the heads of young Jesus, Samuel, David, Benjamin, and Joseph.   ...   Panel details below:


Nave   ...  Top of the pulpit: "And that from a child thou has known the holy Scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus."   ...   Note Samuel and David (detailed below:)  ...   Panel depicts the Holy Family: Joseph the carpenter, Mary, and Jesus

Top of the pulpit: "[And that from a child thou ]has known the holy Scriptures [which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.]"

Nave   ...  Panel depicts Presentation of the of the Infant Jesus in the Temple

Nave   ...  Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit

Marian Chapel

Stone altar  was the original altar in the downtown site and the first church on Colonial Circle.   ...   Terra cotta tile floor

See stained glass window  by Margreta Overbeck


Baptistery at end of narthex

Baptistery   ...    Carved stone baptismal font in the narthex is also the original font from St. John's first church in downtown Buffalo. The angel is the model for the decoration on the 2005 wooden altar.

Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit

Baptistery   ...   Angel is model for the 2004 communion table

Sacrificial Lamb and cross bottony

Special thanks to The Reverend Peter Bridgford, Rector; David Mathewson, Organist; Joan Brady, Secretary for their assistance in 2002.
Most captions by Reverend Peter Bridgford.
Special thanks to Rector Jon F. Lavelle for his cooperation in 2019.

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa.
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