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J. Gordon Guthrie
J. Gordon Guthrie: 1874-1961

Excerpts from the June 25, 1961 The New York Times Guthrie Obituary

Mr. Guthrie, an expert on the lore of Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc and many other medieval saints, had been a maker of stained glass since the age of 15, when he became an apprentice in his father's studio in Glasgow, Scotland. He had lived here [NY City] since the beginning of this century.

For years he had a studio at Lexington Avenue and Twenty-eighth Street, New York, where he directed the technical and artistic interpretation of sketches into stained glass.

Mr. Guthrie worked for several years with the late Louis C. Tiffany, artist and son of Charles Lewis T. Tiffany, the jeweler. The younger Tiffany headed the Tiffany Studios and discovered formulas for making opalescent glass.

But in 1915 Mr. Guthrie left him to join the late Henry Wynd Young in making the antique type of Gothic stained glass that is more in the ecclesiastic tradition

Later, Mr. Guthrie was with the George Durham & Sons Glass Works.

Guthrie and Henry Wynd Young were born in the same year, 1874, and both were born in Scotland.

"Henry Wynd Young and J. Gordon Guthrie were New York artists whose windows feature elongated, graceful figures who exhibited more painterly character. Studios all over the country were attracted to Gothic designs." - Stained Glass Association of America: History of Stained Glass

Windows in Buffalo, NY:

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