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J. Gordon Guthrie - Chancel High Altar window and Chapel window
St. John's-Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial Circle at Bidwell Pkwy. and Lafayette Ave.
Buffalo, New York
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Artist and Fabricator:

J. Gordon Guthrie


Gothic Revival

Captions source:

Rev. Peter Bridgford, "St. John's Grace Episcopal Church: A Guide to Some of the Memorials," 2000

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Chancel High Altar window

Chapel window: Saints Peter & Paul

The two stained glass windows pictured on this page are two of the three windows designed by J. Gordon Guthrie for the opening of this church in 1927.

Chancel High Altar window


The East window over the High Altar, an original artwork of the 1927 building, was dedicated in memory of the parents of Charles and Florence Chandler.

The three vertical panels on each side of the central column are unidentified incidents in the life of Jesus as found in John's Gospel.

East window over the High Altar   ...   Details below, from top left to bottom right:

East window

Apostles? / Christ / St. Peter



Christ with mandorla

St. Peter

St. Philip


St. Matthew

Mary, mother of Jesus, and John at the foot of the Cross

John 15:27:   "... because ye have been with me."

Chalice, symbol of St. John   ...   Note artist's signature at lower left, detailed below:

Artist's signature

Chapel window: Saints Peter & John

Saints Peter and St. John: The six windows of the Apostles in our Chapel took 56 years to be completed. The window of St. Peter and St. John, which is located at the front pew of the Chapel, was designed by Gordon Guthrie and  dedicated in memory of William G. and Catherine Birch Staniland when the church was consecrated in 1927. The design of this window was approved by the architects of Goodhue Associates, who supervised the building of the church after Mr. Goodhue's death.

The Peter-John window exemplifies the architects' intent that the twelve apostles would be life-size figures and designed in a Medieval Gothic style by which the figures dominate the windows.

Accompanying each apostle is a small panel below the figure which tells a related story of the apostle. In this window, John and Peter are in the Sepulcher discovering "the linen clothes lying." (John 20:3-10)

The other five windows of Apostles were produced by J. & R. Lamb Studios during a period from about 1967-19.

Saints Peter and John window at right   ...   The other four windows in the illustration are Apostles windows by Margreta Overbeck for Lamb Studios

Saints Peter and John window    ...    Details below:

St. Peter

St. Peter

St. Peter

St. Peter
John 20:6 "... then cometh Simon Peter following him..."

St. John

St. John

St. John

St. John   ...   John and Peter are in the Sepulcher discovering "the linen clothes lying." (John 20:3-10)

Special thanks to Rector Philip W. Dougharty and former Rector Peter Bridgford for their assistance in 2009.
Special thanks to Rector Jon F. Lavelle for his cooperation in 2019.

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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