Charlotte Square - Table of Contents

North side exteriors - Charlotte Square
Edinburgh, Scotland

Charlotte Square overall design architect:

Robert Adam
Adam’s designs included only the facades of the terraces.  The houses themselves were built in the same way as in the rest of the New Town, with plots made available to prospective residents or to builders, who would construct the house.
North side of Charlotte Square architect:
Robert Adam  (1728-92)
Adam's designed both the exteriors and interiors of the north side, but  designed
only the exteriors of the west and south sides.

Adam's drawings for Charlotte Square:


Building plots were offered for sale:

March 1792, shortly after Adams's death
Charlotte Square design descriptions:
Central block plus wings

Pavilions - Projecting subdivision of a monumental building, notably the central or end bays of a Classical facade

Palaces  -  A large, splendid house

Terraces  - British: a block of row houses

Row houses  - Series of houses, often of similar or identical design, situated side by side and joined by common walls

Townhouses  - A multi-story house which is attached to one or more similar houses by shared walls

Elevations  - The front, back, or side of a building; drawing or photograph of a face of a building with all the features shown


Georgian / Adamesque Neoclassical

National Trust for Scotland-owned buildings:

Numbers 5, 6 and 7

No. 5  - Headquarters of the National Trust for Scotland from 1949 to 2000 (built in 1796)

No. 6 - Bute House,
the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland

No. 7 -The  Georgian House museum (built in 1796)

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North side, Charlotte Square

No. 2 Charlotte Square

No. 4 Charlotte Square

No. 6 Charlotte Square

No. 7 Charlotte Square

2017 photos

North Side

"The north side  of Charlotte Square was dssigned by Robert Adam in 1791. Throughout the nineteenth century alterations were made to this fine facade.  Many of the drawing room windows were lowered in accordance with Victorian practice, plate glass was also introduced, dormer windows were added haphazardly, and some of the front doors were altered.

During the 1920s and 1930s, under the imaginative guidance of the 4th Marquess of Bute, the facade was restored as far as possible bo the way it appeared when it was completed at the end of the eighteenth century.

Following the death in 1956 of the 5th
Marquess of Bute, numbers 5, 6 and 7 passed ... to ownership of the National Trust for Scotland in 1966. 

In 1973 the lease of No. 7 Charlotte Square expired, and the National Trust for Scotland decided to convert the ground floor, first floor and basement into a Georgian show house, displayed and arranged as it might have been when the house was first occupied in 1796.  
 - "The Georgian House," Introduction.  Brochure distributed at the museum.
North Side

Photo taken in front the west pavilions    ...   Sttatue in the Center Garden is of Prince Albert, Queen Vicotria's consort

Photo taken  from the Center Garden

North side.
Photo taken from the end of George Street   ...   To the left: West side of Charlotte Square    ...  
Pavilion at far right is No. 2 Charlotte Square  ...   
Georgian / Adamesque Neoclassical style

No. 2 Charlotte Square

#2 Charlotte Square   ...   Rusticated walls  

#2 Charlotte Square

#2 Charlotte Square   ...   Sphinx   ...   Bucrane flanked by ribbon-supported festoons

#2 Charlotte Square   ...   Pilasters   ...   Balustrade

#2 Charlotte Square   ...   Fanlight   ...   Beltcourse   ...  Side lights

#2 Charlotte Square

#2 Charlotte Square   ...   C scrolls

No. 4 Charlotte Square

Center enteance: No. 4 Charlotte Square  (detail below:)

No. 4 Charlotte Square    ...   Spider web muntins fanlight

No. 6 Charlotte Square - Bute House

No. 6 Charlotte Square   ...   Bute House, the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland

Terra cotta  chimney pots

No. 6 Bute House detail #1   ...   Upper left: Fluted frieze    ...    Roman (smooth shaft) columns

No. 6 Bute House detail #2   ...   Capital dcecorated with acanthus leaves

West Register House West Register House West Register House
 archive building of the National Archive of Scotland No. 6 Bute House detail #3 - Segmental arch wtih carved Roman urn and scrolling acanthus leaves  decorating the tympanum

No. 6 Bute House detail #4 - Balustrade   ...   Rusticated wall

No. 6 Bute House detail #5 - Spider web muntins fanlight

No. 6  House detail #6 - Spider web muntins fanlight

No. 6 Bute House detail #7 - Balconet

No. 6 Bute House detail #8 - Parapet decorated with ribbon-supported bellflower swags

No. 7 Chatlotte Square - The Georgian House museum

Interior photos

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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