Hamlin Family in Buffalo, NY

Genealogical and Family History of Western New York: Hamlin pp. 353-355

Cicero Jabez Hamlin

Cicero J. Hamlin House / Hamlin House Restaurant

Elizabeth Licata, Cicero J. Hamlin's Descendants Includes Forest Lawn illustrations

Frank Hamlin House   Son of Cicero Jabez

William Hamlin House  Son of Cicero Jabez

Kate Louise Gates Hamlin    Wife of William Hamlin

Mark Goldman,  Hamlin Park   

Mark Goldman,
The destruction of Humboldt Parkway: based on a roundtable interview with people who lived in the neighborhood during the 1950s and ‘60s.

James Napora, History of Hamlin Park

There were three Hamlin homes on Delaware Avenue near West Utica in Buffalo.
•    the Harry Hamlin home at 1014 Delaware @ West Utica,
•    the William Hamlin home at 1058 Delaware at Lexington [SW corner], and
•    the C.J. Hamlin home at 1035 Delaware
The Harry Hamlin home at 1014 Delaware was demolished in 1926 [according to the Buffalo Times [9/26/1927, P.64].  
Some sources confuse 1014 Delaware and 1058 Delaware.  1058 Delaware was the more formidable stone mansion.

- Ann Palmer, Sept. 2105

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