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History of Hamlin Park
by James Napora
An excerpt from
Houses of Worship: A Guide to the Religious Architecture of Buffalo, New York,

Bounded by Main Street, Jefferson Avenue, East Ferry and Humboldt Parkway, Hamlin Park is named for Cicero Jabez Hamlin, owner of a portion of the land in that area. Hamlin arrived in Buffalo from the Berkshire Hills in 1846 and began operating a dry goods store in the Hamlin Block on Main Street at Eagle. In the hall above his store, many early religious congregations met during their formative years.

He later went on to become president of the Buffalo Grape Sugar Company.

In 1855 he purchased 66 acres in East Aurora and established the Village Farm. In a two and a half story, eight hundred foot long barn, he raised what came to be known as the best breed of trotting horses in the nation. Seeking an outlet within the city, in 1868 he purchased the Buffalo Driving Park, turning it into the finest harness racing track in the area. During its time, in addition to the races, it served as the primary polo grounds in the city.

As the popularity of the driving park decreased after the turn of the century, Hamlin's sons, William, Harry and Chauncey chose to develop the land for housing. In 1912, on the lands of the former driving park, they laid out the neighborhood which came to be know as Hamlin Park.

Although they were the primary developers of the area, small pockets of housing existed prior to their work.

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