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Following an extensive site selection and test-fit phase with Erie County, HHL Architects designed this state-of-the art athletic center for its initial use as the 1993 World University Games swimming venue. After the conclusion of the Games, it became the main field house for the College. The facility houses 50 meter and 75 yard competition pools, a field house containing three basketball courts and a suspended running track, a wellness center, a small gym for dance and the martial arts, lockers, administrative offices and six academic classrooms.

A construction budget surplus of $1 million resulted in the addition of a below-grade (sub-road) tunnel connection to the National Historic Landmark ECC Campus (former US Post Office) Building.  - HHL Architects (online August 2016)
Burt Flickinger

Burt P. Flickinger, Jr., a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, won the prestigious NAWGA-SMI award for four consecutive years for managing the most efficient distribution and voluntary retail chain business in the U.S. He pioneered retail financing and equity retail partnerships, in-store banking, debit cards, sports marketing and television advertising in for both exclusive brand, retail & wholesale growth.

As U.S. Chairman, Burt Flickinger, Jr. led the successful effort to bring the World University Games, the largest global amateur athletic event – 10,000 athletes – to the United States for the first time. Flickinger led the United Way to thirty years of consecutive growth in the business division as United Way Chairman and, as Chairman of the Board(s), led the successful capital campaigns to save the world-renowned Women’s and Children’s Hospital and to help save the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO). Athletes from oppressive countries declared their freedom after the Games and many became successful pro athletes after leaving from the back of the stadiums after their last World University Games.

Burt Flickinger, Jr. raised the public funds to build the University of Buffalo (U.B.) Football Stadium and the Erie Colleges internationally renowned Flickinger Aquatic and Athletic Center where numerous U.S. and international sporting events are held. Burt Flickinger, Jr. received an Honorary Doctorate of Business Degree from the University of Buffalo. He was on the Board of the Boy Scouts of Western New York for over thirty years and was a trustee of Westminster Church.

Flickinger is a frequent executive lecturer on worldwide marketing and retailing at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Business, Food Industry Management Program and Cornell Summer Executive Program. Also, Burt has served as an adjunct Professor at St. Joseph’s University’s Center for Food Marketing and Retailing Undergraduate, Graduate, Executive, and M.B.A. Programs.

- Source:  Strategic Resource Group: Flickinger Family Industry History  (online September 2016)


Chris became a New York State registered architect in 1988. In 1982, he graduated from Pratt Institute School of Architecture and Planning in New York City with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and joined HHL Architects in 1990.

Chris was the lead designer on.. . the Erie Community College Burt P. Flickinger Athletic Center, initially designed and constructed for the 1998 World University Games.
- Excerpts from HHL Architects (online July 2019)

Postmodern style: Architecture of the late 20th century, appearing in the 1960s, that consciously uses complex forms, fantasy, and allusions to historic styles, in contrast to the austere forms and emphasis on utility of standard modern architecture.

 North elevation
on South Division Street / Main entrance

NE corner of South Division (at left) and Oak streets

 North elevation (South Division St.)  ...
Postmodern style features:  Stylized "grand" public staircases  ...   Modern, glass block take on an oriel window  ...  Details below:

  North elevation (South Division St.) ...    Columns  ... Prominent use of color  ...  Turret


  North elevation (South Division St.) ...
Postmodern  features:  Arcade ... Stylized "grand" staircase

North elevation (South Division St.) ...  Postmodern  features:  Arcade with "columns"

  North elevation (South Division St.) ...
Columns  ...  Stylized "grand" staircase  ...  Prominent use of color

  North elevation (South Division St.) ...
Postmodern  features:  Modern, glass block take on an oriel window  ... Stylized "grand" staircase

  North elevation (South Division St.) ...   ...   Main entrance  on South Division  ...
Postmodern  features:  Far left: Modern, glass block take on an oriel window   ...  Bright red truss with an arched bottom chord used decoratively

  North elevation (South Division St.) ...  Prominent use of color

Main entrance  on South Division  ...
Postmodern  features:   Cornice  ...  Frieze  ... Segmental arch  ...  Transom window

Interior lobby:    Red trusses  ...  Prominent use of color

West elevation on Oak Street

NW corner South Division and Oak (at right) streets  ...  West elevation details below:

Bright red truss with an arched bottom chord used decoratively

West elevation (Oak St.)

West elevation (Oak St.)

West elevation (Oak St.)

South elevation on Swan Street

SW corner of Oak  and Swan (at right) streets  ... Details below:

South elevation corner ...  Note "grand staircase"   ...  Bright red trusses with an arched bottom chord used decoratively

South elevation ...
Postmodern  features: Arches  ...  Color

South elevation corner  ...  Prominent use of color

East elevation on Elm Street

East elevation left hand corner

East elevation right hand corner

NE corner Elm (left) and South Division streets

Special thanks to consultant architect Anthony James in 2016

Photos and their arrangement   2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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