Bemis / Ransom House - Table of Contents

Second floor - Bemis / Ransom House
267 North Street, Buffalo NY

Collins & Collins Attorneys, LLC (online April 2019)

2019 photographs

Balustrade features strapwork  and turned balusters

Second floor hall

Second floor hall    ..    Paneled wainscoting   ...    Rococo Revival sofa, with two details below:

Rococo Revival sofaTop rail carved foliated ornamentation

Rococo Revival sofaCabriole leg with caster

Middle Eastern room  / Collins & Collins attorney's office

Some argue the Islamc style room was a souvenir from the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exhibition and
was installed by Frank Goodyear; Goodyear also electrified the house.  Others disagree and argue that the room was originally built in 1885 or 1896.

Geometric stained glass window serves as a wall   ...   Several more views below:

Spandrels feature Islamic style art

Calligraphy  in frieze above spandrel 

Ripple glass    ...   Jewels

Ceiling detail features gold leaf

Original bedroom / Collins & Collins attorney's office

Bedroom/ Collins & Collins attorney's office

Three fireplace details below:

Detail #1 - Paneled frieze   ...   Ceramic tile surround

Detail #2   ... Three acanthus leaves on corbel support of the mantel   ...   Keystone in the middle of the arch

Detail #3   ...   Hearth is covered with ceramic tiles

Original bedroom / Collins & Collins attorney's office

Tiger maple is used exclusively throughout this second floor room.

Three mantelpiece details below:

Detail #1 - Acanthus leaves

Detail #2 - Herringbone bond on blue ceramic tile slips  ...  Running bond on black Roman brick  slips

Detail #3   ...   Horseshoe arch    ...    Ceramic tile hearth

Original bedroom / Collins & Collins attorney's office

Firesplace   ...   Two details below:

Acanthus leaf

Fireback with fleurs-de-lis  and dog-tooth motifs    ...   Ceramic tiles

Cast iron fireback with working blacksmiths

Ceramic tile-covered hearth

Wainscoting   ...  
Strapwork  decorates center panels

Special thanks to the  Collins & Collins Attorneys, and especially Amanda Renzi, for their cooperation in 2019

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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