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Dogtooth ornament
AKA Tooth ornament

An architectural ornament common in early English Gothic consisting usually of four leaves radiating from a raised point at the center

A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method, by Sir Banister-Fletcher, New York, 1950

Early English [1189-1309] -  The dog-tooth ornament in hollow mouldings was used in great profusion and the chisel replaced the axe of the Early Noman period. - p. 458. Online, p. 341  (online July 2019)

Early English [1189-1309] -  Mouldings are bold and deeply undercut... The chiselled dog-tooth succeeded the axed nailhead of the Norman period [1066-1189] and gives a play of light and shade to deeply cut hollow mouldings. - p. 452. Online, p. 341  (online July 2019)

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

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