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Church of the Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Pkwy. at Summit (SE), Buffalo, NY


Initial plans by Silsbee and Marling

In 1888 the scheme was reworked by Marling and his new partner, Herbert C. Burdett (1855- 1891), a former assistant in the office of H. H. Richardson


Church, 1887
Rectory, 1890
Guild House containing Children's chapel, 1891
Jewett Memorial Hall, 1922

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd was consecrated on May 21, 1888. Construction had begun a year earlier, and the first service was held on March 4, 1888.

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Buffalo Landmark
Parkside East Preservation District

Architectural Style:

Richardsonian Romanesque

The church recalls Richardson's small libraries, especially the Ames Library in North Easton, Mass.

Prominent features of the church, which has a seating capacity of 200, are low, limestone walls and the massive tower with its short, broad spire.

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Original drawing for Ingersoll Memorial Chapel

Rectory and church

View towards southeast

View towards southwest

Entrance roof and H. H. Richardson-inspired tower

Terra cotta roof tiles and ridge tiles

Front entrance porch

Main entrance proch corbel and Romanesque pillar

Onondaga limestone locally quarried. The church in located in an area known locally as Flint Hill because there is shallow topsoil on top of the Onondaga escarpment below

Facade to right of entrance

Detail from previous photo: North transept windows

Rear of church (south elevation)

Detail from previous photo

Detail from previous photo: south transept windows

Looking through side of entrance porch

Looking through side of entrance porch: kitty corner Martin House


Special thanks to Rev. David Selzer, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, for his cooperation and assistance

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