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Chapel of the Holy Innocents
Church of the Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Pkwy. at Summit, Buffalo, NY
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The lower floor of the Guild house was converted to a Children's Chapel designed especially for them.
The statuary, the small benches and chairs and the religious pictures were carefully selected with this in mind.
 Every detail of the Chapel's decoration was planned with definite appeal to children.

2004 Photos

Transom lattice windows   ...   
Oak panel double doors   ...   Vine motif wrought iron hardware recalls grapes and communion

Jewett's cousin, Mr. William Northrup, was a frequent European traveler who was struck by the site of worship of the early Christians. They worshiped underground beneath the present streets of Rome in the burial area known as the Catacombs. The arched columns and pillars in the Chapel of the Holy Innocents are skillfully designed plaster imitations of the actual columns and pillars in the Catacombs.    ...   Two details below:

Detail #1 - Soffit

Detail #2 - Top 
dentil molding

Stained glass window at right detailed below:

Quarry glass

Matthew 19:14:
"Suffer little children to come unto me."

The stained glass window over the altar was made by the Louis Tiffany Glass Company of New York. The subject: "Christ blessing the little children," was taken from an oil painting by Flandrin. Christ is depicted sitting on a step before an oriental building, looking with loving eyes at a group of children. He is touching the tiny hand of a child, who is gazing at him with wonder.   ...   Opalescent glass with hand painted, fired faces and hands  ...   Mottled stained glass used for the building behind Christ

Church of the Good Shepherd - Table of Contents


Special thanks to Rev. David Selzer, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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