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Main Street façade - Genesee Building/Hyatt Regency-Buffalo
2-6 Fountain Plaza, Buffalo, NY
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E. B. Green & Son, Inc
1923 building style:
Renaissance Revival / Beaux Arts Classical



1984 Additions architect:

Gruzen Partnership (New York City).
Gruzen also renovated the Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt Hotel in 1980.
1984 Additions style:

Hyatt Regency Hotel incorporated the E. B. Green designed Genesee Office Building when the 11-story hotel tower and atrium was built in the 1980's.  The cast-iron fronts of the Genesee Building were retained and can be seen from inside the hotel's atrium. The project rescued a 15-story red brick, French Renaissance style, green copper hipped roof office building slated for demolition.

Flanking glass pavilions are 1984 additions                   Foreground: The Hiker in Theodore Roosevelt Plaza

Flanking glass pavilions are 1984 additions                Foreground: The Hiker in Theodore Roosevelt Plaza

Looking south on Main Street:  Rand Building in upper left                           HSBC Office Building in center                        Liberty Building

1984 atrium restaurant                            Postmodern style

3-tiered 1984 atrium restaurant                        Postmodern style                     Note reflected Buffalo Savings Bank /M&T Branch Bank

  • Above left: 1984 hotel addition
  • Above right: 1924 Genesee Building
  • Lower right: 1984 glass restaurant

Skyscraper modeled after a Classic column:  capital and shaft

Skyscraper modeled after a Classic column:  capital and shaft

Scroll ornamentation

  Bronze-painted cast iron

Bronze-painted cast iron:

Bronze-painted cast iron:

  • Cast iron columns 
  • Serpentine stone [Special thanks to Alan Oberst for researching this.]

1984 glass addition - #6 Fountain Plaza  ...  Postmodern style                       Background: Bank of America (#10 Fountain Plaza)

Special thanks to Hotel Manager Michael Marsh for his cooperation and assistance in 2009
Photos taken April 11, 2009
Photos and their arrangement © 2009
Chuck LaChiusa
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