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INTERIOR - James B. Craven / Charles Bassett House
278 Depew Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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Powder room

Living room

Dining room



October 2021 Photos

Foyer (left)and
vestibule (right)

Looking outside from the vestibule

VESTIBULE                Leaded  transom window with vertical saddle bars                         Oak doors

VESTIBULE               Egg-and-dart molding                

VESTIBULE              Original sconce

VESTIBULE.              Wallpaper  

VESTIBULE           Wainscoting painted white - typical Colonial Revival feature

VESTIBULE                   Looking into the foyer through the side lights and doorway

VESTIBULE               Leaded glass detail  


FOYER           All the wood in the foyer is painte
d white  - typical Colonial Revival feature

FOYER            Colonial Revival style wallpaper and white painted wainscoting and staircase

FOYER              Ionic capital above fluted column shaft

FOYER              Quene Anne style  newel posts and wainscoting, usually varnished, are painted white, a typical Colonial Revival feature

FOYER                     Quene Anne style  newel post                    Colonial Revival  balustrade


FOYER                            Quene Anne style  newel post  painted white                  Colonial Revival  balustrade

FOYER                 Staircase to landing

FOYER                      Staircase landing features leaded glass windows

FOYER                     Original brass chandelier                     Photo courtesy of Barbara Townsend

FOYER                   From landing to second floor

FOYER                 From landing to second floor




LIBRARY                   Original Steuben glass shades: pulled feathers, interior gold aurene                           Photo courtesy of Barbara Townsend 

LIBRARY         All the wood in the library is gumwood

LIBRARY                    Photo of  Frank J. Offermann, the grandfather of one of the current owners, Barbara Townsend

LIBRARY                     Gumwood veneer; on the other side of the pocket doors, in the foyer, the veneer is oak                         Pocket door hardware features the Cluny design:

Research by home owner Barbara Townsend

Living room

Originally two parlors, later turned into one larger living room

LIVING ROOM            All the wood in the living room, including the two Colonial Revival fireplaces, is sycamore

LIVING ROOM                 Egg-and-dart molding                   Acanthus leaves                  Marble surround

LIVING ROOM           Acanthus leaves  decorate the jamb

LIVING ROOM             Pocket doors have sycamore veneer; on the other side of the doors, in the dining room, the veneer is  quartersawn oak

LIVING ROOM.           Pocket doors

LIVING ROOM                      This  window pull used in the house is also the Cluny design          Photo courtesy of Barbara Tpwnsend


LIVING ROOM                   

LIVING ROOM              Mantle shelf  supported by paired corbels                Reeding                    Egg-and-dart             Marble surround

Dining room

DINING ROOM                     Coffered ceiling

DINING ROOM             Original crystal chandelier                         Photo courtesy of Barbara Townsend


DINING ROOM               Plaster medallion                 Beads and acanthus leaves


DINING ROOM                           Sconce                          Photo courtesy of Barbara Townsend


DINING ROOM        Kittinger  sideboard

DINING ROOM               Empire table

DINING ROOM                  Quarter sawn white oak veneer on pocket doors

DINING ROOM               





Originally the cooking hearth

Powder room

POWDER ROOM               Originally the cloak room which was converted into the chauffeur's bedroom, and later this powder room

POWDER ROOM              Steuben shades: Heart & Vine pattern, with interior gold aurene                            Photo courtesy of Barbara Townsend      

POWDER ROOM              Eastlake pier




POWDER ROOM                 Leaded glass windows





Pillbox toilet top

Special thanks to home owner Barbara Townsend for her research assistance in 2006 and 2021.

Photos and their arrangement 2021 Chuck LaChiusa
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