Charles and Grace Rumsey Goodyear, Jr. House
190 Bryant Street, Buffalo, New York

Built: 1924
Architect: Bley & Lyman

Except where noted, October 2022 photos

123 Oakland Place        2006 photo

"The widow of lumber baron Charles W. Goodyear, Ella, who lived at 888 Delaware Avenue, wanted each of her three children to have homes opening onto her large back yard.

"Per Ella's wishes, the house now located at 123 Oakland Place became a home for her second son, Charles W. Goodyear, Jr. (1883-1967), and his wife, Grace Rumsey. After graduating from Yale and marrying Grace, Charles Jr. managed the Goodyear lumber interests in Louisiana, but in 1910 Grace insisted on returning home to Buffalo. In 1914, Ella transferred the house to Grace. Ten years later, as she and her husband prepared to move into their new house at 190 Bryant Street (designed by Bley & Lyman), Grace returned the house to her mother-in-law. Ella then rented out 123.

"Unfortunately for Charles and Grace, their new home [190 Bryant Street] was not a happy one. Charles had "strayed off the marital reservation," and was having an affair with S. V. R. Spaulding's wife, Marion. The affair scandalized Buffalo society, and the pair became personae non gratae in many quarters. Charles was even forbidden entry into the home of his brother-in-law, Arnold Watson, next door at 180 Bryant Street. Eventually Charles and Marion divorced their spouses and in 1935 married each other."

190 Bryant St.                 2006 photo             Note the second floor chimney on the right bay              Remaining photos below were taken in October 2022:

October 2022 photo          Oriel window at left over the front entrance            Note the bottom of the second floor chimney in center of photo, detailed below:

Bottom of the second floor chimney

Oriel above center entrance

Gable roof above oriel               Slate roof                  Louvers with Gibbs surround            Broken rangework  masonry

Oriel                  Leaded glass windows

English Tudor doorway with Gibbs surround and multi-paneled door

Three first floor windows detailed below:

Leaded glass casement and fixed windows

Wrought iron window grille

Wrought iron  window grille

Broken rangework  masonry

(Copper?) gutter downspout                 Leaded glass  fixed windows               Brick bonds: herringbone, basket weave, ?


Slate roof

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